Upcoming Content on AMC Networks

Over the next two weeks, AMC Networks will roll out an exciting lineup of premieres and all-new episodes across its suite of SVOD services and linear channels, including:

· Premieres of Ten Percent (Sundance Now, AMC+, BBC America), ​​Signora Volpe (Acorn TV), Virus :32 (Shudder) and The Last Drive-in with Joe Bob Briggs (Shudder)

· Finales of That Dirty Black Bag (AMC+), Harry Wild (Acorn TV), Hidden Assets (Acorn TV) and Cursed Films II (Shudder).

· All-new episodes of Cursed Films II (Shudder), Fear The Walking Dead, Season 7B (AMC, AMC+), 61st Street (AMC, AMC+), Better Call Saul (AMC, AMC+), Harry Wild (Acorn TV), Murdoch Mysteries, Season 15 (Acorn TV) and That Dirty Black Bag (AMC+)

Series details are included below (in chronological order):


“Chapter Seven: The Plan” – Premieres Thursday, April 21 on AMC+
In the wake of the shoot-offs with Bronson’s men, Red Bill and McCoy must come together for a common goal. Elsewhere, Thompson’s pressure on Steve reaches a boiling point.

“Chapter Eight: The Plan” – Premieres Thursday, April 28 on AMC+ *SEASON FINALE*

Red Bill and McCoy’s quest for Bronson comes to a breaking point, as impossible decisions and realizations are made. Bronson takes a new step toward power, and Steve faces Thompson in a final stand-off.


Episode 203 – “Stalker” – Premieres Thursday, April 21 on Shudder

The reputation of Stalker is preceded only by its director, Andrei Tarkovsky, a quintessential auteur whose attention to detail was continually challenged by a series of production disasters: Damaged film stock, earthquakes, sickness. The film’s mystical qualities have also inspired some to believe Stalker predicted the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, and more eerily, the death of its own director. Tarkovsky historians Robert Bird and Sean Martin, alongside cinematographer Roger Deakins, attempt to separate the facts from the myths.

Episode 204 – “Serpent and the Rainbow” – Premieres Thursday, April 28 on Shudder

Wes Craven and his crew set out on a great adventure–the staging of a major motion picture production in Haiti at the tail end of a violent political revolution. The film, The Serpent and the Rainbow, is based on the true experiences of anthropologist Wade Davis, who details his unbelievable search for an elusive “zombie powder”, and the complicated relationship he has with Craven’s interpretation of his story. Producer David Ladd and actors Bill Pullman and Cathy Tyson recount the challenges and strange occurrences they experienced on set.

Episode 205 – “Cannibal Holocaust” – Premieres Thursday, May 5 on Shudder *SEASON FINALE*

Cursed Films travels to Roma, Italy to discuss the making of what is arguably the most controversial horror film ever made. Writer/Director Ruggero Deodato discusses the film from concept through creation, including the famous court case that saw him defending himself for the murder of a performer in the heart of the Amazon. Meanwhile, his cast and crew detail the struggles they faced while trying to meet the expectations of a demanding director, who continually pushed them towards their breaking point.


Episode 101- Premieres Friday, April 29 on Sundance Now and AMC+. Encores on BBC America Sunday, May 1

The agents of Nightingale Hart navigate their clients’ careers in the bustling world of London’s entertainment industry. Dan (Prasanna Puwanarajah, Patrick Melrose) struggles with delivering bad news while an unexpected arrival throws Jonathan (Jack Davenport, The Morning Show) off balance. Guest Starring: Kelly Macdonald (Line of Duty, Trainspotting)

Episode 102- Premieres Friday, April 29 on Sundance Now and AMC+. Encores on BBC America Sunday, May 8

Reeling from a devastating loss, the agents cope in different ways as tensions flare over how to move forward. Jonathan (Jack Davenport, The Morning Show) and Rebecca (Lydia Leonard, Last Christmas) find themselves at odds over a mix-up involving A-list clients. Guest Starring: Helena Bonham Carter (The Harry Potter series, The Crown), Olivia Williams (The Sixth Sense, An Education)


Episode 710 – “Mourning Cloak” – Premieres Sunday, April 24 at 9 pm ET/8c on AMC (Now Streaming on AMC+)

When Charlie shows up at the tower unexpectedly, Howard recruits a young Ranger in training to determine the reason for her visit. As they journey beyond the tower together, Charlie’s true motives are revealed.

Episode 711 – “Ofelia” – Premieres Sunday, May 1 at 9 pm ET/8c on AMC (Streaming Sunday, April 24 on AMC+)

Luciana and Wes test the limits of their patience when Daniel’s worsening mental state ends up endangering them all.

Episode 712 – “Sonny Boy” – Premieres Sunday May 8 at 9pm ET/8c on AMC (Streaming Sunday, May 1 on AMC+)

Dorie Sr searches for baby Mo as Strand grows increasingly paranoid.


Episode 103 – Premieres Sunday, April 24 at 10 pm ET/9c on AMC.

Officer Logan begins to question his own department, while Lieutenant Brannigan presses Moses for a confession. Franklin revisits the crime scene, finding a new angle for the defense.

Episode 104 – Premieres Sunday, May 1 at 10 pm ET/9c on AMC.

While waiting for bond, Moses adjusts to jail. Brannigan opens up to Logan. After stumbling on evidence of police misconduct, Franklin continues to put together a defense. Joshua makes a discovery.


Episode 101 – “An Anxious Aunt” – Premieres Monday, May 2 on Acorn TV *SERIES PREMIERE*

Sylvia Fox (Emilia Fox, Silent Witness) goes to Umbria, Italy, for the wedding of her niece, Alice (Issy Knopfler.) But the groom, Tommaso, disappears, leaving a woman’s body in the lake at the bottom of his garden. Drawing on the skills she’s acquired as an MI6 operative, Sylvia investigates, and discovers that Tommaso has a very shady past, working for criminal boss Richelmo Gregori – the brother of the dead woman.


Episode 107 – “The Mystery of Granny Susan’s Fun Time Wig” – Premieres Monday, April 25 on Acorn TV

When the matriarch of a wealthy Dublin is strangled to death during a video call in front of her horrified relatives, the dead woman’s daughter employs the service of the newly formed Wild/Reid Detective Agency. The agency being Fergus’ brainchild, Harry is as surprised as anyone to discover it exists but agrees to indulge Fergus’ ingenuity.

Episode 108 – “No One Here Gets Out Alive” – Premieres Monday, April 25 on Acorn TV *SEASON FINALE*

Zoe McCann is a damaged young woman, a recovering addict fighting each day to slay her demons. But when Zoe is abducted only to wake up in a forest wearing a vintage ball gown, her sanity and resolve are pushed to their limit. Terrified that her unknown abductor will come back for her, her path leads to Harry and Fergus.


Episode 103 Premieres Monday, April 25 on Acorn TV; Two New Episodes Weekly

Emer (Angeline Ball, Acceptable Risk) has Fionn Brannigan firmly in her sights. As the net closes in around him, Bibi is feeling the pressure too. Especially when her wayward brother reaches out for help.

Episode 104 Premieres Monday, April 25 on Acorn TV; Two New Episodes Weekly

Emer’s (Angeline Ball, Acceptable Risk) in Antwerp to help search for Fionn Brannigan. Looks like she and Christian (Wouter Hendrickx, Infiltrant) have hit a dead end when a forensics breakthrough changes everything.

Episode 105 Premieres Monday, May 2 on Acorn TV; Two New Episodes Weekly

While her team follows the money trail in Ireland, Emer (Angeline Ball, Acceptable Risk) and Christian (Wouter Hendrickx, Infiltrant) discover the real identity of the bombers. And a very unexpected source provides the investigation with invaluable information.

Episode 106 Premieres Monday, May 2 on Acorn TV; Two New Episodes Weekly *SEASON FINALE*

With Bibi now in custody, Emer (Angeline Ball, Acceptable Risk) and Christian (Wouter Hendrickx, Infiltrant) face a desperate race against time to stop the final bombing and uncover who was really behind the terrorist campaign. And why.


Episode 1509- “The Lady Vanishes” – Premieres Monday, April 25 on Acorn TV

After kidnappers break into Rupert Newsome’s house and abduct his wife, Lucinda, in front of the family, a hefty ransom is demanded. Ruth volunteers Higgins, who heads to the drop point but warns Crabtree that if he doesn’t call back in an hour, there’s been trouble. When Higgins fails to call, Murdoch’s frantic search leads to a warehouse with an ominous message.

Episode 1510- “Drawn in Blood” – Premieres Monday, May 2 on Acorn TV

At an awards ceremony, Ogden is thrilled by a generous pledge from Councilman Rekker for her women’s health center. Then the night’s honoree, satirical cartoonist Rexford Denison, is accosted by a businessman claiming his poison pen ruined him. Moments later Denison is shot dead. After a scathing cartoon of Rekker and the mayor’s wife is published, Ogden’s prime backer becomes the prime suspect.


Episode 603 – “Rock and Hard Place” – Premieres Monday, April 25 at 9:00 pm ET/PT on AMC and AMC+

Still on the run, Nacho is forced to choose where his loyalties lie. Jimmy doubles down.

Episode 604 – “Hit and Run” – Premieres Monday, May 2 at 9:00 pm ET/PT on AMC and AMC+

Gus takes extreme measures. Jimmy and Kim enlist a local pro to put on a show.


Premieres Thursday, April 21 on Shudder

In Virus :32, a virus breaks out and a chilling massacre rages through the streets. The sick become hunters, and only calm their fever by unscrupulously killing all those not yet infected. Unaware of this, Iris (Paula Silva, In The Quarry) and her daughter spend the day in the sports club where Iris works as a security guard. When night falls, their fight for survival beings. Their only hope of salvation arrives when they discover that after each attack, the infected seem to stop for 32 seconds of calm before attacking again.


Season 4 premieres Friday, April 29 on Shudder TV

Proving once again that “the drive-in will never die,” iconic horror host and exploitation movie aficionado Joe Bob Briggs is back with a new season Fridays on Shudder TV and Sundays on demand. Every week, The Last Drive-In series offers an eclectic pairing of films, running the gamut from horror classics to obscurities and international cult favorites. And from time to time, special surprise guests will drop in on Joe Bob and Darcy the Mail Girl. Episodes air weekly on Fridays at 9pm live on Shudder TV and are available on-demand on Shudder and AMC+ the following Sunday.