December 2021 Programming Highlights for the Disney Channel

December 2021 Programming Highlights
– All programming subject to change –

Thursday, Dec. 02
Original Special – Premiere on Disney Junior
“Mickey and Minnie Wish Upon a Christmas”
(7:00-8:00 p.m. EST)
After a series of mishaps, Mickey, Minnie and the gang are separated all over the world and must try to get back to Hot Dog Hills by Christmas Eve. A mysterious and jolly stranger shows up to tell them about The Wishing Star, which could be the secret to bringing everybody home in time to celebrate together.

Friday, Dec. 03
Original Series – Episode Premiere on Disney Channel
Spidey and his Amazing Friends “Going Green/Coming Clean”
(9:00-9:30 a.m. EST)
“Going Green” – Team Spidey must stop Green Goblin from spewing his green gas all over the park in order to make it safe for the trees again.

“Coming Clean” – After Peter’s new invention begins swallowing everything in its path, he and Miles work to stop it.

Original Series – Episode Premiere on Disney Junior
The Chicken Squad “Sheep on the Lam/The Chic Chick”
(11:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. EST)
“Sheep on the Lam” – The Squad tries to convince Maisie that she doesn’t have to lie to get their help.

“The Chic Chick” – When the Squad helps Dinah with her backyard hair salon, things quickly get out of hand.
*Melissa Rauch (“The Big Bang Theory”) returns as Dinah.

Original Special – Premiere on Disney Channel
“Disney’s Holiday Magic Quest”
(7:00-8:00 p.m. EST)
“Disney’s Holiday Magic Quest” returns for a second year with “ZOMBIES” franchise stars Milo Manheim, Kylee Russell, Meg Donnelly and Trevor Tordjman competing in a high-stakes holiday adventure featuring new epic challenges. Popular actress and comedian Yvette Nicole Brown (“Big Shot”) will host as the stars navigate a series of new challenges and obstacles through a variety of iconic and immersive Walt Disney World attractions.

Disney Channel Original Movie – Premiere on Disney Channel
(8:00-9:40 p.m. EST)
Rowena “Ro” is a high-spirited 12-year-old who is experiencing a lackluster Christmas. Ro isn’t handling her parents’ divorce well because she wants her life back the way it was—her parents back together, her dad’s new girlfriend and son out of the picture, and their family traditions to remain the same. After a disappointing celebration with her family, including her sister Gabriela “Gabby,” Abuela Sofia, and Abuelo Hector, she makes a wish to a neighborhood Santa for a “do-over” and unexpectedly finds herself reliving Christmas day over and over … and over again. Now, in order to break the strange magical loop, Ro must learn to appreciate her loving family as it is, as well as the true meaning of Christmas.

Original Series – Episode Premiere on Disney Channel
Disney’s Magic Bake-Off “Holiday”
(9:40-10:40 p.m. EST”)
It’s a special holiday “Bake-Off” when co-hosts Issac Ryan Brown and Dara Renee, along with Chef Gracie, welcome fellow Disney Channel stars Ava Kolker, Christian J. Simon and Mallory Mahoney to team up with baking influencers John Kanell, Mia Starr and Jocelyn Delk Adams to create festive cakes sprinkled with snowflakes and classic gingerbread cookies.
*Maddy McGraw (“Secrets of Sulphur Springs”) joins as guest host.

Friday, Dec. 10
Original Series – Episode Premiere on Disney Channel
Spidey and his Amazing Friends “Web Beard’s Treasure/Washed Away”
(9:00-9:30 a.m. EST)
“Web Beard’s Treasure” – When Team Spidey foils Doc Ock in her attempt to steal a treasure map, she tricks them into getting the treasure for her.

“Washed Away” – Spidey and Ms. Marvel work together to rescue Trace-E from a drain that she fell down.

Original Series – Episode Premiere on Disney Junior
The Chicken Squad “The Lemonade Letdown/The Prankster Returns”
(11:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. EST)
“The Lemonade Letdown” – Snick and Wheeze discover that someone took something from them, so they go to the Squad for help.
*Melissa Villaseñor (“Saturday Night Live”) and Zack Pearlman (“Dragons: Race to the Edge”) return as Wheeze and Snick, respectively.

“The Prankster Returns” – The Squad helps Captain Tully track down an elusive prankster.

Upcoming DVD Releases

* The Flip Wilson Show – The Best Of (Time Life)
$99.95 SRP DVD (“5 Easy Payments of $19.99”)

EXTRAS: A rare 1976 interview with the star himself! A Bonus DVD with the pilot episode of The Flip Wilson Show (featuring the debut of Geraldine!) and The Flip Wilson Special from 1975 with Cher and Richard Pryor. PLUS, a Collector’s Booklet with quotes, production photos, script pages and more!
—–Flip is back, and funnier than ever! In 1970, Flip Wilson changed the face of TV comedy: he was charming, hilarious, and he looked great in a dress! The Flip Wilson Show debuted as the #1 variety show on TV, and ran for four incredible seasons, winning multiple Emmys and a Golden Globe. From his hilarious Geraldine character, to stand-up, sketch comedy, and magical musical performances, Flip made a show that made everyone feel good. Now, for the first time ever you’ll be able to have the biggest and boldest collection of Flip yet: The Best of The Flip Wilson Show! You’ll get 11 DVDs including: 20 full-length episodes from across all 4 seasons, with 17 episodes not seen since they first aired! Guest stars Muhammad Ali, Louis Armstrong, James Brown, Johnny Cash, Ray Charles, Tim Conway, Sammy Davis Jr., Aretha Franklin, Richard Pryor, Joan Rivers, Burt Reynolds, and so many more!
NOTE: our thanks to longtime reader John Cerone for the heads-up about this item
COMING ON 11/16:
* This Is Us – The Complete Season 5 (20th TV/Disney)
$34.95 SRP DVD MOD

—–Full of heartfelt wit, drama and tears the journey of the Pearson family continues in Season Five of this highly acclaimed, award-winning series. With its trademark storytelling style, moving from the past to the future and back again, this season-like-no-other brilliantly incorporates current real-life challenges from the Covid crisis to the complexities of race. Randall pursues the mystery of his birth mother with Beth at his side, Kevin and Madison navigate their relationship while they navigate becoming parents, and Kate and Toby face their own relationship and parenting triumphs and challenges. And Rebecca continues to bravely face what could be her biggest challenge ever. Compelling and surprising, This Is Us reveals how seemingly tiny events can impact who we become, and can transcend time, distance and even death. 4-disc set.
NOTE: attached cover art is not necessarily final, and may be subject to change

* Pose – The 3rd and Final Season (FX/Disney)
$29.95 SRP DVD MOD

—–Set in the earlier days of the AIDS crisis, this groundbreaking series follows the triumphs, tragedies and heartbreaks of the legends and icons of New York’s underground ball culture. With the largest cast of transgender actors in series regular roles, Pose features glamorous, gripping and relevant stories. In its final season time flashes forward to 1994, and the ballroom feels like a distant memory to Blanca (Mj Rodriguez) who’s struggling to balance being a mother, a present partner to her new love, and her latest role as a nurse’s aide. Meanwhile, as AIDS becomes the leading cause of death for Americans ages 25 to 44, Pray Tell (Billy Porter) contends with unexpected health burdens. And the emergence of a vicious new upstart house forces the House of Evangelista members to contend with their legacies. 2-disc set.
NOTE: attached cover art is from the show’s promotional campaign (the “5.2 FX” reflects the May 2nd debut of the final season on the FX channel) and is not final, and therefore is subject to change

* Spidey And His Amazing Friends (Marvel/Disney)
$14.99 SRP DVD

—–Spidey, our favorite web-slinger is teaming up with Ghost-Spider (Gwen Stacey) and Miles Morales to make up The Spidey Team, with some assistance from Spidey’s comical but loyal Spider-bot, TRACE-E. If Spidey finds himself in a sticky situation that needs even more super-hero power, rest assured that an Avenger pal will race in to help out. Whether it’s just The Spidey Team or adding an Avenger for the assist, these superheroes will work together to save the day! Voice Talent: Benjamin Valic: Peter Parker, Lily Sanfelippo: Gwen Stacy, Jakari Fraser: Miles Morales. 11 animated shorts. Single-disc title.

* Queen of the South – The Complete Season 5 (20th TV/Disney)
$29.95 SRP DVD MOD

—–In Season 5, Teresa Mendoza (Alice Braga) finally embraces her Queenpin status, and all that comes with it. While she has tried to maintain a strong moral code by leading with her heart, those values have begun to compromise her ability to stay on top. She must now make tough decisions when it comes to those closest to her, all while continuing her quest for even greater power. 2-disc set.
NOTE: attached cover art is from the show’s promotional campaign and is not final, and therefore is subject to change
* Creepshow – Season 2 (RLJ/Image)
$34.97 SRP DVD; $34.97 SRP Blu-ray

EXTRAS: Creepshow animated special and holiday special
—–It’s still the most fun you’ll ever have being scared! From showrunner Greg Nicotero (“The Walking Dead”) comes the second season of CREEPSHOW, the anthology series based on the 1982 horror comedy classic. A comic book comes to life in nine chilling tales told across five episodes. Explore terrors ranging from murder, creatures, monsters and delusions to the supernatural and unexplainable. You never know what will be on the next page! Actor List: Kevin Dillon, Ted Raimi, Ali Larter, C Thomas Howell, Iman Benson, Josh McDermott, Ashley Laurence, Keith David, Ryan Kwanten, Breckin Meyer, Molly Ringwald, Eric Edelstein, Barbara Crampton, Denise Crosby, Justin Long, D’Arcy Carden. 2-disc set in either format

* My Life Is Murder – Series 2 (RLJ/Acorn)
$59.99 SRP DVD; $59.99 SRP Blu-ray

—–10 murder mystery episodes starring Lucy Lawless, Ebony Vagulans, Rawiri Jobe, Bernard Curry, Todd River. 3-disc set in either format.
COMING ON 12/14:
* The Abbott And Costello Show – Season 1 (ClassicFlix)
$39.99 SRP DVD; $49.99 SRP Blu-ray

EXTRAS: Commentaries on 10 episodes featuring Gilbert Gottfried, Lou Antonicello, Paul Castiglia, Ray Faiola, Stu Fink, Shane Fleming, Bob Greenberg, Jim Mulholland, Gerry Orlando, Ron Palumbo, Toby Roan, Lou Sabini, Frank Santopadre, Jack Theakston and Michael Townsend Wright; “Saving the Negatives” Featurette with Bob Furmanek; Two complete episodes with original non-audience tracks and six partial episodes
—–One of the most influential comedies in television history, The Abbott and Costello Show – Season 1 makes its Blu-ray debut from ClassicFlix with all 26 stunningly sharp episodes in this 3 disc set on Blu-ray (or 4 discs on DVD). When Bud Abbott and Lou Costello became part of the permanent rotating group of weekly hosts on TV’s The Colgate Comedy Hour, it revitalized their careers and led to the birth of The Abbott and Costello Show, a syndicated half-hour program that premiered in 1952. The premise of the show was disarmingly simple: Bud and Lou played themselves, a pair of unemployed actors living in a rooming house run by the apoplectic Sid Fields, also playing himself. Easing their way through life in a neighborhood where crooks and sharpies lay in wait around every corner, and women walk right up to Costello for no other reason than to slap his face (“How dare you look like someone I hate!”), Bud and Lou keep the show fresh with new routines, but also perform many of their classics, including “Who’s on First?”, “Dice”, “7 x 13 = 28” and so many, many more. Newly restored from original 35mm master elements by the 3-D Film Archive, in cooperation with the Library of Congress, The Abbott and Costello Show features Hillary Brooke (as Lou’s cultured girlfriend), Gordon Jones (as stupefyingly dumb “Mike the Cop”), Joe Besser (as “Stinky”), Joe Kirk (as “Mr. Bacciagalupe”), Bingo the Chimp, as well as many other well-known TV and film entertainers.
NOTE: our thanks to longtime reader John Cerone for making sure that we were aware of this item