Hulu Originals Winter 2021-22 Programming Slate

Hulu Originals Winter 2021-22 Programming Slate


Premiere Date: November 29, 2021

Genre: Documentary Feature
Synopsis: “The Housewife & the Shah Shocker” dives into the bombshell accusations against “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” cast member Jen Shah and her alleged involvement in a long-running telemarketing scheme that preyed on the elderly. With Shah facing charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering, the show from the studio that produced the sensational “The Housewife & the Hustler” explores these allegations in contrast with the wealthy, successful businesswoman and “marketing executive” Shah portrayed on the reality show.
Crew: “The Housewife & the Shah Shocker” is produced for Hulu by ABC News Studios. Roxanna Sherwood serves as senior executive producer. Loen Kelley serves as senior producer.

Premiere Date: December 3, 2021

Genre: Documentary Feature
Synopsis: Three police officers died in a shootout at a drug house in Alabama. One man was sentenced to death for the shootings, even though he was never accused of even touching the murder weapon. This is the story of Nathaniel Woods.
Crew: “The New York Times Presents” is produced by The New York Times and Left/Right, a Red Arrow Studios company. Executive producers are Ken Druckerman, Banks Tarver, Mary Robertson, Jason Stallman, Sam Dolnick and Stephanie Preiss.

Premiere Date: December 16, 2021 – NEW ANNOUNCEMENT

Genre: Documentary Film
Synopsis: In a ground-breaking new spin on the true-crime genre, the documentary film “Dead Asleep” produced in association with Sky Crime, flips the traditional thriller narrative to explore a deeper and more troubling mystery – did a remorseful Randy Herman Jr. really commit a brutal murder in his sleep, or was it a convenient cover story? Pulse Films has secured exclusive access to Herman and his family, the defense and prosecution attorneys, journalists who covered the case, forensic psychiatrists and world experts in violent parasomnia (sleep-walking) to give viewers an inside look at the shocking twists and turns of the controversial crime.
Credits: A Pulse Films production, directed by award-winner Skye Borgman, who is behind the critically acclaimed documentary “Abducted In Plain Sight” and recently worked with Pulse Films on their Oxygen special “The Case Died With Her.” For Pulse Films executive producers include Marisa Clifford, Nelesh Dhand, and Sunshine Jackson.

Premiere Date: December 17, 2021

Genre: Film
Synopsis: Set in the near future, “Mother/Android” follows Georgia (Chloë Grace Moretz) and her boyfriend Sam (Algee Smith) through their treacherous journey of escape as their country is caught in an unexpected war with artificial intelligence. Days away from the arrival of their first child, they must face No Man’s Land – a stronghold of the android uprising, in hopes of reaching safety before giving birth.
Cast: Chloë Grace Moretz, Algee Smith, Raul Castillo
Filmmakers: Mattson Tomlin (“Project Power”, “Little Fish”) makes His Directorial Debut. The film is produced by Matt Reeves (“The Batman”, “War Of The Planet Of The Apes”, “Cloverfield”) through his 6th & Idaho production company, alongside Adam Kassan, Raif Crohn, Miramax’s Bill Block (“The Gentlemen”, “District 9”) and Charles Miller. Miramax serves as the studio.

Premiere Date: January 14, 2022 – NEW ANNOUNCEMENT

Genre: Film
Synopsis: Avery Hansen-White doesn’t do things she isn’t excellent at. So when her long-distance boyfriend hints at wanting to take their relationship to the next level, she sets out to master her sexuality, employing her oldest friend, Larson, as a test subject. In this hilarious teen comedy, Avery’s study results in the realization that there’s more to sex, and love, than mechanics. Relationships require both head and heart.
Cast: Mika Abdalla, Jake Short, Mason Versaw, Paris Jackson, Margret Cho, Fortune Feimster, Rebecca Henderson, Tate Hanyok, Hayden Szeto, Artemis Pebdani
Filmmakers: “Sex Appeal” is produced by Jeremy Garelick, Will Phelps and Ryan Bennett for American High, Mark Fasano and Tobias Weymar for Nickel City, Kendrick Tan for Lit Entertainment, and Michael Glassman for LD Entertainment. Talia Osteen directed the film, penned by Tate Hanyock, who also executive produced.


Premiere Date: November 4, 2021 (binge)

Genre: Docuseries
Episodes: 4
Synopsis: In “Taste the Nation,” award-winning host, executive producer and cookbook author Padma Lakshmi, who recently received her 3rd Emmy nomination, takes audiences on a journey across America, exploring the rich and diverse food culture of various immigrant groups, seeking out the people who have so heavily shaped what American food is today. From indigenous communities to recent immigrant arrivals, Padma breaks bread with Americans across the nation to uncover the roots and relationship between our food, our humanity and our history – ultimately revealing stories that challenge notions of identity, belonging, and what it means to be American.
“Taste the Nation” returns this Fall for a special 4-part “Holiday Edition” where each episode will highlight unique traditions through the lens of a different immigrant culture and city, like Korean New Year in Los Angeles and Cuban Christmas in Miami.
Cast: Padma Lakshmi
Crew: Executive produced by Padma Lakshmi along with Part2 Pictures’ David Shadrack Smith.

Premiere Date: November 22, 2021

Genre: Adult Animated Series
Episodes: 1
Synopsis: HO HO HO! The Solars don’t understand the holidays, but that won’t stop them from trying!
Cast: Justin Roiland, Thomas Middleditch, Mary Mack, and Sean Giambrone.
Crew: Justin Roiland, Mike McMahan, Josh Bycel.

Premiere Date: November 24, 2021 (binge)

Genre: Docuseries
Episodes: 6
Synopsis: Throughout the 1970s and 80s, more than 20 serial killers stalked the streets of Los Angeles simultaneously and within miles of each other, murdering and terrorizing citizens — until the LAPD’s Robbery-Homicide Division banded together and tracked down the killers. From producers of ABC News’ “20/20,” the new Hulu Original “City of Angels | City of Death” chronicles the group of LAPD detectives and their investigations, from launching stakeouts to tracking and catching some of that era’s most notorious murderers, including the Freeway Killer, the Hillside Strangler, the Sunset Strip Killer and more.
Crew: “City of Angels | City of Death” is produced for Hulu by ABC News Studios and Highway 41 Productions. For ABC News Studios, David Sloan is senior executive producer, and Colleen Halpin is executive producer. For Highway 41 Productions, Star Price is executive producer and director.

Premiere Date: December 1, 2021 (binge)

Genre: Unscripted Series
Season: 1
Episodes: 4
Synopsis: The challenge – create a life-size house made of …CANDY! Watch as Candy Queen Jackie Sorkin and her team of candy artists design, glue, melt and shape hundreds of thousands of sweet pieces to build a fantasy come to life….just in time for the holidays.
Cast: Jackie Sorkin, Chris Fernandez, Genevieve Chan, Amanda Touch, D. Micah Lindsey, Basia Whitely, Caroline Habash, and Mandy Bui.
Crew: Executive produced by Sandy Varo Jarrell, Suzanne Rauscher and Brian Robel for Bright Spot Content, an All3Media America company.

Premiere Date: December 3, 2021 (binge)

Genre: Comedy Series
Season: Season 2, Part 2
Episodes: 7
Synopsis: “Pen15” is an R-rated “traumedy” set in middle school as it really happened in the year 2000. Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine play versions of themselves as thirteen-year-old outcasts, surrounded by actual thirteen-year-olds. In this world, seventh grade never ends and the pains of growing up are inevitable.
Cast: Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle.
Credits: From the Awesomeness studio, “Pen15” is created, written and executive produced by Maya Erskine, Anna Konkle and Sam Zvibleman. Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone and Ali Bell at The Lonely Island/Party Over Here, Marc Provissiero and Brooke Pobjoy from Odenkirk Provissiero Entertainment, Debbie Liebling and Vera Santamaria also serve as executive producers.

Premiere Date: December 10, 2021 (binge)

Genre: Adult Animated Series
Season: 2
Episodes: 10
Synopsis: Another ten episodes of bingeable mayhem, representing the next chapter in the adventures of Patrick the long-suffering squire (Nicholas Hoult) as he climbs the ladder of knighthood in the service of the volatile King Merriman (Luke Evans). There are new friends to make, new enemies to vanquish, and new horrors to scar Patrick for life; including bloodthirsty leprechauns, an island of killer monkeys, and a shadowy villain who could destroy everything Patrick has ever known! From creators John Harvatine IV and Tom Root, and Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, the producers of “Robot Chicken” and “Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K.!”
Cast: Nicholas Hoult, Adam Ray, Tara Strong, Tony Hale, Luke Evans, Seth Green, Alanna Ubach, Adam Pally, Yvette-Nicole Brown, Maya Erskine, Breckin Meyer and Wendi McLendon-Covey.
Crew: Created and written by John Harvatine IV and Tom Root and directed by John Harvatine IV.

Premiere Date: December 26, 2021 (binge)

Genre: Comedy Series
Season: 10
Episodes: 6
Synopsis: The residents of Letterkenny belong to one of three groups: the Hicks, the Skids, and the Hockey Players, who are constantly feuding with each other over seemingly trivial matters that often end with someone getting their ass kicked. In season 10, McMurray and Wayne do some dickering, the Hicks attend a sausage party, the Hockey Players and Skids have a video game battle, the men of Letterkenny receive head to toe physicals…and that’s just for starters, buddy.
Cast: Jared Keeso, Nathan Dales, Michelle Mylett, K Trevor Wilson, Daniel Petronijevic, Dylan Playfair, Andrew Herr, Tyler Johnston, Evan Stern, Mark Forward and Tiio Horn.
Crew: Jared Keeso (Executive Producer/Creator/Co-Writer), Mark Montefiore (Executive Producer), Jacob Tierney (Executive Producer/Director/Co-Writer). Produced by New Metric Media, in partnership with DHX Media and Playfun Games.

Premiere Date: January 18, 2022 (weekly)

Genre: Comedy Series
Season: 1
Episodes: 10
Synopsis: In the year 2045, Sophie (Hilary Duff) is telling her son the story of how she met his father: A story that catapults us back to the year 2021 where Sophie and her close-knit group of friends are in the midst of figuring out who they are, what they want out of life, and how to fall in love in the age of dating apps and limitless options.
Cast: Hilary Duff, Chris Lowell, Francia Raisa, Suraj Sharma, Tom Ainsley, and Tien Tran.
Crew: Written by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger. Executive producers include Aptaker, Berger, Carter Bays, Craig Thomas, Pamela Fryman and Adam Londy. Hilary Duff will serve as a producer. A production of 20th Television.

Premiere Date: February 2, 2022 (weekly)

Genre: Limited Series
Episodes: 8
Cast: Lily James, Sebastian Stan, Seth Rogen, Nick Offerman, Taylor Schilling, Andrew Dice Clay, Pepi Sonuga, Spenser Granese, and Mozhan Marnò.

Point Grey – Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, James Weaver, Alex McAtee
Annapurna- Megan Ellison, Sue Naegle, Ali Krug
Craig Gillespie (Director/EP)
Robert Siegel (Writer/EP/ Co-Showrunner)
DV DeVincentis (Writer/EP/Co-Showrunner)
Chip Vucelich
Dylan Sellers
Sarah Gubbins
Dave Franco

Premiere Date: February 11, 2022 (binge) – NEW ANNOUNCEMENT

Genre: Comedy Series
Season: 2
Episodes: 10
Synopsis: Season Two follows Jules (Kat Dennings) and her best friends– post pandemic, post heartbreak, heading toward turning thirty. Having successfully reunited with her friends (Brenda Song, Shay Mitchell, and Esther Povitsky), Jules must now balance keeping their group together as the women navigate work, love, and a deeper relationship with each of themselves.
Cast: Kat Dennings, Brenda Song, Shay Mitchell, Esther Povitsky.
Credits: The series was created by Jordan Weiss, who serves as an executive producer alongside showrunner Michelle Nader; Margot Robbie, Tom Ackerley and Josey McNamara for LuckyChap Entertainment; Bryan Unkeless and Scott Morgan for Clubhouse Pictures; Kat Dennings; and Nicole King. “Dollface” is produced by ABC Signature.


Premiere Date: November 23, 2021 (binge)

Genre: Kids & Family
Season: 3
Episodes: 10
Synopsis: After her dad gets into a car accident, Holly launches a social media career to help pay for his medical bills. At first, Holly loves her newfound fame: she’s gaining followers, making money, and is her own boss! Although social media begins to pay well, Holly begins to experience the consequences of living so much of her life online. Holly finds the more she focuses on ‘posting’, the less time she has to make actual music. Things go from bad to worse when Holly’s new career distances her from her friends. As Holly realizes the impact she has on her younger fans, she begins to discover that with great fame comes great responsibility. Holly finds herself torn when she’s pulled between friends, family, her boyfriend, and her career all at once! Holly starts confronting big questions about whether she can have it all. Can she be a supportive friend if she is truly dedicated to her music career? Can Holly break out as a great musician if she’s held back by her life in Collinsville? Just when Holly thinks she’s got a grasp on things, she’s forced to choose between family or her career when a once in a lifetime opportunity presents itself…
Cast: Ruby Jay, Saara Chaudry, Kamaia Fairburn, Hunter Dillon, Charles Vandervaart, Kate Moyer, Erin Karpluk, Evan Buliung, Sara Botsford, Marcus Cornwall, and Tomaso Sanelli.
Crew: “Holly Hobbie” is produced by Aircraft Pictures (“The Breadwinner”) in association with Cloudco Entertainment (“Care Bears: Unlock The Magic”, “Overlord and The Underwoods”) and WexWorks Media (“Lucas the Spider”) with the financial participation of the Shaw Rocket Fund. Sarah Glinski (“Degrassi: Next Class, Degrassi: The Next Generation”) returns as showrunner.

Premiere Date: November 26, 2021

Genre: Kids
Episodes: 1
Synopsis: It’s holiday time in New York, and Melman is determined to add another sticker to his yearly “Nice” list! When he meets Hank, a goose who has been separated from his family, he, Alex, Marty and Gloria embark on a wild goose chase around the city to reunite Hank with his merry flock.
Cast: Tucker Chandler, Amir O’Neil, Shaylin Becton, Luke Lowe, Jasmine Gatewood, Eric Peterson.
Crew: Executive Producer is Johanna Stein (“Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny”) and Co-Executive Producer is Dana Starfield (“Monster High: Welcome to Monster High”)

Premiere Date: December 9, 2021 (binge)

Genre: Kids
Season: 5
Episodes: 7
Synopsis: In TrollsTopia nothing is more important than parties and friendship! Join in the fun as the tiny Trolls welcome a K-Pop girl group on a mission, Holly and Val meet a Bergen for the first time, and Synth and Minuet take a ride down the “Tunnel of Friendship!” With endless hugs, dancing, songs and, of course, cupcakes, DreamWorks TrollsTopia returns with all new episodes to Hulu December 9.
● Skylar Astin as “Branch”
● Amanda Leighton as “Poppy”
● David Fynn as “Biggie”
● Ron Funches as “Cooper”
● Kenan Thompson as “Tiny Diamond”
● Megan Hilty as “Holly Darlin’”
● Jeanine Mason as “Minuet”
● Kevin Michael Richardson as “Smidge”
● Sam Haft as “Chaz”
● Glozell Green as “Grandma Rosiepuff”
Crew: Executive Producer is Matthew Beans (“Trolls: The Beat Goes On!”).

Premiere Date: December 23, 2021(binge)

Genre: Kids
Season: 1
Episodes: 6
Synopsis: Set 1,300 years after the events of How To Train Your Dragon, dragons are now just a legend to the modern world. When a geological anomaly opens up an immense, miles-deep fissure in the Earth’s surface, scientists from all over the world gather at a new research facility to study the mysterious phenomenon. Soon a group of misfit kids, brought to the site by their parents, uncover the truth about dragons and where they’ve been hiding — a secret they must keep to themselves to protect what they’ve discovered.
Cast: Jeremy Shada
Crew: Executive Producer and Showrunner is John Tellegen; executive Producers are Chuck Austen and Henry Gilroy; supervising Producer is Beth Sleven.

Hulu Original Film “Mother/Android” Trailer and Key Art Debut

Hulu Original Film “Mother/Android” Trailer and Key Art Debut

Check out the official trailer and key art for Hulu Original Film
“Mother/Android” starring Chloë Grace Moretz!
The film premieres Friday, December 17, 2021 on Hulu.

SYNOPSIS: Set in the near future, “Mother/Android” follows Georgia (Chloë Grace Moretz) and her boyfriend Sam (Algee Smith) through their treacherous journey of escape as their country is caught in an unexpected war with artificial intelligence. Days away from the arrival of their first child, they must face No Man’s Land – a stronghold of the android uprising, in hopes of reaching safety before giving birth.

The film stars Chloë Grace Moretz, “Georgia” (“Shadow in the Cloud”, “Kick-Ass”), Algee Smith, “Sam” (“Judas And The Black Messiah”, “Euphoria”), Raul Castillo (“We The Animals”).

“Mother/Android” is directed by Mattson Tomlin (“Project Power”, “Little Fish”). Matt Reeves (“The Batman”, “War of the Planet Of The Apes”, “Cloverfield”) through his 6th & Idaho production company with Adam Kassan (6th & Idaho) and Rafi Crohn (6th & Idaho) along with Miramax’s Bill Block (“The Gentlemen”, “District 9”), and Charles Miller serve as producers.

Hulu Acquires U.S. Rights to Miramax Sci-Fi Thriller Mother/Android

Hulu Acquires U.S. Rights to Miramax Sci-Fi Thriller Mother/Android
The film, starring Chloë Grace Moretz and directed by Mattson Tomlin, will debut as a Hulu Original Film in 2021

MOTHER/ANDROID stars Chloë Grace Moretz as “Georgia” (SHADOW IN THE CLOUD, KICK-ASS), Algee Smith as “Sam” (JUDAS AND THE BLACK MESSIAH, EUPHORIA) and Raul Castillo (WE THE ANIMALS).
MOTHER/ANDROID is written and directed by Mattson Tomlin (THE BATMAN, PROJECT POWER) and is his directorial debut feature.
Produced by Matt Reeves (THE BATMAN, WAR OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, CLOVERFIELD) through his 6th & Idaho production company with Adam Kassan, Rafi Crohn along with Miramax’s Bill Block (THE GENTLEMEN, DISTRICT 9), and Charles Miller.
Said Mattson Tomlin, “This film is a labor of love and I couldn’t be happier that in these extremely strange times, Mother/Android will be handled by a partner who truly cares. I feel extremely lucky to have Hulu bringing the film to audiences later this year.”
Said Matt Reeves, “Mattson’s directorial debut is an intimate sci-fi film that is both beautiful and extremely personal, with a powerful, soulful performance from Chloë Moretz. I am incredibly excited that Hulu will be sharing Mother/Android with audiences.”
Logline: Set in the near future, MOTHER/ANDROID follows Georgia (Chloë Grace Moretz) and her boyfriend Sam (Algee Smith) through their treacherous journey of escape as their country is caught in an unexpected war with artificial intelligence. Days away from the arrival of their first child, they must face No Man’s Land – a stronghold of the android uprising, in hopes of reaching safety before giving birth.