Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day Marathon

The “Surgically Enhanced” 2022

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day Marathon starts this Thursday, November 24 at 7am ET / 4am PT!

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Tune in for Eight Freshly “Surgically Enhanced”

Fan Favorite Classic Episodes, Plus Two Fan-Favorite

Episodes from Season 13!

This year’s annual Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day Marathon is the biggest event in nearly 30 years. Join your fellow MSTies along with hosts Felicia Day and Rebecca Hanson for a day stuffed with turkey… of the cinematic variety!

Starting at 7am ET / 4am PT on Thursday, November 24, the marathon will feature an extended lineup of ten feature-length episodes and one short film. Alongside NEW host segments, this year’s event includes two feature-length episodes and a short from the show’s current Season 13, screening for the first time outside of MST3K’s independent streaming platform, the Gizmoplex.

The marathon also features eight classic episodes with NEWLY upscaled versions for this year’s Turkey Day event.

Series Creator Joel Hodgson says, “These ‘Surgically Enhanced’ episodes have had their visual components upgraded to 1080p from the original 480p. Strangely, the MST3K Surgically Enhanced process also gives the upscaled films a distinctive ‘new car’ smell.”

2022 Turkey Day Marathon Schedule

7am ET / 4am PT

The Sword and the Dragon

9am ET / 6am PT

The Starfighters

11am ET / 8am PT

Catalina Caper


1pm ET / 10am PT

Horror of Party Beach


3pm ET / 12pm PT

Santo in the Treasure of Dracula

(Season 13: The Gizmoplex) (Trailer)

5pm ET/ 2pm PT

Beyond Atlantis

(Season 13: The Gizmoplex) (Trailer)

7pm ET / 4pm PT

Warrior of the Lost World


9pm ET / 6pm PT

City Limits

11pm ET / 8pm PT

Parts: The Clonus Horror


1am ET / 10pm PT


3am ET / 12am PT

Sleep for Health

(S13 short)

Visit for info on how to watch the Turkey Day marathon, and participate in Turkey Day festivities during the event by using the hashtag #MST3KTurkeyDay.

If you haven’t heard by now, Mystery Science Theater 3000 is back with new episodes! Curious viewers can head to the Gizmoplex – MST3K’s indie streaming platform and the only place to see new episodes of MST3K. The Gizmoplex features all of the season 13 episodes and shorts that have premiered so far, along with brand-new MST3K content available in special livestream events every two weeks. The Gizmoplex is accessible via a web portal and also on a wide variety of OTT platforms, including apps for both iOS and Android devices, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and more.

For more info visit, or follow MST3K on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Today in TV History 10/23/22

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Today in Television History

1954 – Walt Disney appeared on the cover of “TV Guide.” He was pictured on a TV screen surrounded by his most famous cartoon characters.

1956 – NBC broadcasted the first videotape recording. The tape of Jonathan Winters was seen coast to coast in the U.S.

1984 – “NBC Nightly News” aired footage of the severe drought in Ethiopia.

2002 – A Michigan appeals court reversed the 1999 decision against the “Jenny Jones Show.” The court ruled that the program had no legal duty to protect a guest who was murdered after revealing a gay crush. Scott Amedure was shot to death by Jonathan Schmitz in 1995, three days after Amedure revealed an attraction to Schmitz during a taping of the show in Chicago. The segment was never aired.

2011 – The pilot episode of “Once Upon a Time” aired.


Today in
Dick Clark’s American Bandstand History

1950 – Dick Clark appeared on “The Jack Benny Program.”

1957 – Georgia Gibbs performed “Walkin’ the Floor Over You” on American Bandstand.

1961 – Fats Domino performed “Let the Four Winds Blow” and “What a Party” on American Bandstand.

1962 – Bobby “Blue” Bland performed “Stormy Monday Blues” on American Bandstand.

1965 – The Mojo Men performed “Dance With Me” on American Bandstand.

1971 – Al Green performed “Tired of Being Alone” and “Let’s Stay Together” on American Bandstand.

1976 – Lady Flash performed “Street Singin'” on American Bandstand.

1982 – Lionel Richie performed “Truly” on American Bandstand.

1982 – ABC performed “The Look of Love” on American Bandstand.

Today in
Saturday Night Live History

1976 – Steve Martin and Kinky Friedman were guests on Saturday Night Live.

1982 – Howard Hesseman, Men at Work, Andy Kaufman and Bill Irwin were guests on Saturday Night Live.

1993 – John Malkovich and Billy Joel were guests on Saturday Night Live.

1999 – Norm Macdonald and Dr. Dre were guests on Saturday Night Live.

1999 – Rachel Dratch joined Saturday Night Live as a featured player.

2004 – Jude Law and Ashlee Simpson were guests on Saturday Night Live. Simpson’s second music set was halted abruptly when her band began playing “Pieces of Me,” which had been played for the first set. The second song was supposed to be “Autobiography.”

2009 – “Thursday Night Live (3)” aired. This 30-minute prime time special consisted of a sketch where President George W. Bush endorsed John McCain, followed by an election-themed edition of Weekend Update.

2010 – Emma Stone and Kings of Leon were guests on Saturday Night Live. Kings of Leon performed “Radioactive” and “Pyro.”

Today in TV History 10/12/22

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Today in Television History

1949 – The police drama “The Plainclothesman” began airing on the DuMont Network.

2014 – The fifth season of “The Walking Dead” began airing on AMC.


Today in
Dick Clark’s American Bandstand History

1959 – The Tempos performed “See You in September” on American Bandstand.

1960 – Jack Scott performed “Patsy” on American Bandstand.

1963 – The Chiffons performed “He’s So Fine” and “A Love So Fine” on American Bandstand.

1968 – Johnny Nash performed “Hold Me Tight” and “You Got Soul” on American Bandstand.

Today in
Saturday Night Live History

1991 – Kirstie Alley, Woody Harrelson, Kelsey Grammer, George Wendt, Ted Danson and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers were guests on Saturday Night Live.

2002 – Sarah Michelle Gellar and Faith Hill were guests on Saturday Night Live.

2013 – Bruce Willis and Katy Perry were guests on Saturday Night Live.