Today in TV History 9/21

Today is Monday, September 21, 2020

Today in
Television History

1948 – Milton Berle debuted as the host of “The Texaco Star Theater” on NBC-TV. The show later became “The Milton Berle Show.” Berle was the regular host until 1967.

1953 – CBS aired Orwell’s “1984” as a TV movie.

1957 – The first episode of “Perry Mason” aired on CBS.

1968 – The television show “Adam-12” debuted on NBC.

1970 – “NFL Monday Night Football” made its debut on ABC-TV. The game was between the Cleveland Browns and the New York Jets. The Browns won 31-21.

1972 – ABC-TV debuted “In Concert.” Alice Cooper appeared in the first episode.

1993 – The first episode of “NYPD Blue” aired on ABC.

1998 – The first episode of “Will & Grace” aired on NBC.

1999 – HBO’s live music show, “Reverb,” debuted with performances by Alanis Morissette and Everlast.

2001 – “America: A Tribute to Heroes” was shown on 35 separate broadcast and cable networks simultaneously. The telethon raised $150 million in pledges to benefit families of the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001. The pledges were made from September 21 through September 24, 2001.

Today in
American Bandstand History

1960 – Dorsey Burnetter performed “Hey Little One” on “American Bandstand.”

1963 – Skeeter Davis performed “I Can’t Stay Mad at You” on “American Bandstand.”

1963 – Garnett Mimms performed “Cry Baby” on “American Bandstand.”

1968 – Jay & the Techniques performed “Baby, Make Your Own Sweet Music” on “American Bandstand.”

1974 – Smokey Robinson & the Miracles performed “Do It Baby” on “American Bandstand.”

Today in TV History 9/20

Today is Sunday, September 20, 2020

Today in
Television History

1953 – The TV show “Letter to Loretta” premiered. The name was changed to “The Loretta Young Show” on February 14, 1954.

1953 – Jimmy Stewart debuted on the radio western “The Six Shooter” on NBC.

1955 – “You’ll Never Be Rich” premiered on CBS-TV. The name was changed less than two months later to “The Phil Silvers Show.”

1975 – The Bay City Rollers appeared live on the premiere of the Howard Cosell’s Saturday Night show on ABC-TV. It was their U.S. debut.

1976 – The Captain & Tennille show premiered on ABC-TV.

1979 – The first episode of “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century” aired on NBC.

1980 – Los Angeles Police Office Kenneth Osmond was shot three times while chasing a suspected car thief. He eventually retired in 1988. Osmond is known for playing Eddie Haskell on the television show “Leave It to Beaver.”

1984 – The first episode of “The Cosby Show” aired on NBC.

1984 – The first episode of “Who’s the Boss?” aired on ABC.

2004 – CBS News announced that they could not authenticate several documents that had been used in a “60 Minutes” story that questioned U.S. President George Bush’s service in the National Guard. Two days later CBS announced that a panel would be appointed to investigate the story.

2016 – The first episode of “This Is Us” premiered on NBC.

Today in
American Bandstand History

1957 – Don Rondo performed “There’s Only You” on “American Bandstand.”

1969 – Creedence Clearwater Revival performed “Commotion” and “Down on the Corner” on “American Bandstand.”

1975 – Bo Donaldson & the Heywoods performed “Our Last Song Together” on “American Bandstand.”

1975 – Ralph Carter performed “When You’re Young and in Love” on “American Bandstand.”

1980 – The Spinners performed “Cupid/I’ve Loved You for a Long, Long Time” on “American Bandstand.”

Today in TV History 9/19

Today is Saturday, September 19, 2020

Today in
Television History

1955 – Eva Marie Saint, Frank Sinatra and Paul Newman starred in the “Producer’s Showcase” presentation of “Our Town” on NBC-TV.

1970 – The first episode of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” aired on CBS.

1972 – The 100th episode of “Hawaii Five-O” aired.

1981 – Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel recorded “The Concert in Central Park” for an HBO special. The material was recorded live in New York’s Central Park.

1984 – NBC began airing “Highway to Heaven.”

1992 – The pilot episode of “Renegade” aired.

1994 – NBC began airing the television series “ER.”

1994 – “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” began its 5th season with its 100th episode.

1997 – VH1 aired “Storytellers” live for the first time. The show was a 90 minute special featuring Elton John from the House of Blues in New Orleans, LA.

1999 – The first episode of “Judging Amy” aired.

2005 – The pilot episode of “How I Met Your Mother” aired on CBS.

Today in
American Bandstand History

1961 – Troy Shondell performed “This Time” on “American Bandstand.”

1962 – Brian Hyland performed “Warmed Over Kisses (Left Over Love)” on “American Bandstand.”

1964 – The Superbs performed “Baby Baby All the Time” on “American Bandstand.”

1970 – Bobby Bloom performed “Montego Bay” on “American Bandstand.”

1981 – A video of the Jacksons’ “The Triumph (Can You Feel It)” was aired on “American Bandstand.”

Today in TV History 9/18

Today is Friday, September 18, 2020

Today in
Television History

1955 – The “Ed Sullivan Show” began on CBS-TV. The show had been “The Toast of the Town” since 1948.

1957 – “The Big Record” premiered on CBS-TV. The show only lasted one season.

1963 – “The Patty Duke Show” premiered on ABC-TV.

1965 – The first episode of “I Dream of Jeannie” was shown on NBC-TV. The last show was televised on September 1, 1970.

1969 – Tiny Tim announced on “The Tonight Show” to Johnny Carson his engagement to Miss Vicki Budinger. Carson asked the two to be married on the show. They made TV history with the wedding on December 17, 1969.

1978 – The first episode of “WKRP in Cincinnati” aired on CBS.

1983 – ABC began airing “Hardcastle and McCormick.”

1983 – KISS appeared unmasked on MTV for the first time.

1989 – A California Raisins commercial that featured a “claymation” version of Michael Jackson debuted on U.S. television.

Today in
American Bandstand History

1957 – Frankie Avalon made an appearance on “American Bandstand.”

1958 – Arlene Smith & the Chantels performed “I Love You So” on “American Bandstand.”

1971 – Bobbie Russell performed “Saturday Morning Confusion” on “American Bandstand.”

1971 – A taped performance of Creedence Clearwater Revival performing “Sweet Hitchhiker” was played on “American Bandstand.”

1976 – A taped performance of Elton John & Kiki Dee performing “Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart” on “American Bandstand.”

1982 – Men at Work performed “Who Can It Be Now” on “American Bandstand.”

Today in TV History 9/17

Today is Thursday, September 17, 2020

Today in
Television History

1955 – “The Perry Como Show” moved to Saturday nights on NBC-TV.

1963 – “The Fugitive” premiered on ABC-TV. The show starred David Janssen.

1964 – ABC began airing the series “Bewitched.”

1965 – The first episode of “Hogan’s Heroes” aired.

1965 – “The Smothers Brothers Show” premiered on CBS-TV.

1966 – “Mission Impossible” premiered on CBS-TV.

1967 – The Doors appear on the “Ed Sullivan Show” and performed “Light My Fire” and “People Are Strange.”

1972 – The first episode of “M*A*S*H” aired on CBS.

1978 – The series “Battlestar Galactica” began airing on ABC.

1991 – The first episode of “Home Improvement” aired on ABC.

1995 – The 10th season of “Married With Children” began.

2002 – “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom” returned to television on Animal Planet.

2010 – CBS aired the final episode of “As the World Turns.”

Today in
American Bandstand History

1966 – Neil Diamond performed “Cherry Cherry” on “American Bandstand.”

1977 – The Brothers Johnson performed “Strawberry Letter #23” on “American Bandstand.”

1983 – Amy Holland performed “I Hand on Your Every Word” and “Shake Me, Wake Me” on “American Bandstand.”

1983 – Scott Baio performed “Some Girls” and “She’s Trouble” on “American Bandstand.”

Today in TV History 9/16

Today is Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Today in
Television History

1963 – “The Outer Limits” premiered on ABC-TV.

1964 – “Shindig!” premiered on ABC. The first show opened with Sam Cooke, The Everly Brothers, The Wellingtons, The Righteous Brothers, Bobby Sherman and Alan Sues.

1965 – The second season of “Shindig!” was opened with the Rolling Stones performing “Satisfaction.” The Kinks, Byrds and Everly Brothers also appeared on the season opener.

1965 – “The Dean Martin Show” debuted on NBC-TV.

1968 – “The Andy Griffith Show” was seen for the final time on CBS.

1968 – U.S. Presidential candidate Richard Nixon appeared on episode 15 of “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In”. He spoke the show signature line “Sock it to me.”

1972 – “The Bob Newhart Show” premiered on CBS-TV.

1984 – The first episode of “Miami Vice” aired on NBC.

1987 – The first episode of “Wiseguy” aired on CBS.

1993 – The first episode of “Frasier” aired on NBC.

1996 – The first episode of “Cosby” aired on CBS.

2000 – “Soul Train” began its 30th season.

2002 – “Oprah After the Show” debuted on the Oxygen cable channel.

Today in
American Bandstand History

1959 – Barry Mann appeared on “American Bandstand.”

1967 – The Lewis & Clarke Expedition performed “I Feel Good” on “American Bandstand.”

1967 – Brenda Holloway performed “You’ve Made Me So Very Happy” on “American Bandstand.”

1972 – Rick Springfield performed “Speak to the Sky” on “American Bandstand.”

1978 – Foxy performed “Get Off” on “American Bandstand.”

Today in TV History 9/15

Today is Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Today in
Television History

1949 – “The Lone Ranger” premiered on ABC. Clayton Moore was the Lone Ranger and Jay Silverheels was Tonto.

1965 – “Lost in Space” premiered on CBS TV.

1965 – “Green Acres” premiered on CBS TV.

1968 – The TV musical series “Soul” premiered on NBC.

1969 – The Ed Sullivan Singers and Orchestra released “The Sulli-Gulli.” It was the only release by Sullivan.

1977 – The 10th season of “Hawaii Five-O” began.

1986 – NBC aired the pilot episode of “L.A. Law.”

1995 – The first episode of “Xena: Warrior Princess” aired.

Today in
American Bandstand History

1959 – Duane Eddy performed “Some Kinda Earthquake” and “First Love, First Tears” on “American Bandstand.”

1984 – Janet Jackson performed “Don’t Stand Another Chance” and “Dream Street” on “American Bandstand.”

1984 – The video for Lindsay Buckingham’s “Go Insane” was aired on “American Bandstand.”

1984 – Lakeside performed “Make My Day” on “American Bandstand.”

Today in TV History 9/14

Today is Monday, September 14, 2020

Today in
Television History

1962 – The third season of “The Flintstones” began. The first show of the season was the first to be broadcast in color. All previous episodes (the first two seasons) had been filmed in color but had been broadcast in black and white.

1965 – “My Mother The Car” premiered on NBC TV. The series was canceled after only a few weeks after the debut.

1967 – The first episode of “Ironside” aired.

1968 – “The Archies” premiered on CBS. The cartoon was based on the comic book series.

1971 – John Lennon and Yoko Ono appeared on “The Dick Cavett Show” on ABC to promote Lennon’s new LP and film (“Imagine”), Yoko’s book, two films and a fine arts show.

1972 – The series “The Waltons” began airing.

1973 – The fifth, and final, season of “The Brady Bunch” began.

1977 – The pilot episode of the television show “The Amazing Spiderman,” starring Nicholas Hammond, aired on CBS.

1978 – The first episode of “Mork and Mindy” aired on ABC.

1984 – The MTV Awards are held for the first time. Bette Midler and Dan Ackroyd co-hosted the show.

1985 – The first episode of “The Golden Girls” aired on NBC.

Today in
American Bandstand History

1963 – Dion performed “Donna the Prima Donna” on “American Bandstand.”

1963 – Major Lance performed “Monkey Time” on “American Bandstand.”

1968 – O.C. Smith performed “Little Green Apples” on “American Bandstand.”

1974 – The Impressions performed “Sooner or Later” on “American Bandstand.”

Today in TV History 9/13

Today is Sunday, September 13, 2020

Today in
Television History

1947 – NBC voted to ban crime shows before 9:30pm.

1974 – The first episode of “Police Woman” aired on NBC.

1974 – The first episode of “The Rockford Files” aired on NBC.

1990 – The first episode of “Law and Order” aired. After almost 20 years, NBC announced it had canceled the show on May 14, 2010.

1993 – “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” premiered on NBC.

1996 – CBS began airing the television series “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

1996 – CMT (Country Music Television) was allowed to resume broadcasting in Canada. The network had been taken off the air over a broadcasting rights dispute.

1998 – NBC’s “Frasier” won a record fifth consecutive Emmy award as TV’s best comedy series.

2005 – The first episode of “Supernatural” aired.

Today in
American Bandstand History

1957 – The Everly Brothers performed “Wake Up Little Susie” on “American Bandstand.”

1969 – Creedence Clearwater Revival performed “Bad Moon Rising” and “Green River” on “American Bandstand.”

1969 – Stevie Wonder performed “My Cherie Amour” and “Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday” on “American Bandstand.”

1975 – The B.T. Express performed “Give It What You Got” on “American Bandstand.”

1975 – Austin Roberts performed “Rocky” on “American Bandstand.”

1980 – Larry Graham performed “One in a Million You” on “American Bandstand.”

1980 – Benny Mardones performed “Into the Night” on “American Bandstand.”

Today in TV History 9/12

Today is Saturday, September 12, 2020

Today in
Television History

1963 – The last episode of “Leave it to Beaver” was aired. The show had debuted on October 4, 1957.

1966 – “Family Affair” premiered on CBS television.

1966 – The first episode of “The Monkees” aired on NBC.

1966 – ABC-TV’s “The Roger Miller Show” premiered.

1970 – CBS aired “Josie and the Pussycats” for the first time.

1972 – The first episode of “Maude” aired.

1980 – An in-depth report on the death of Elvis Presley aired on ABC-TV’s “20/20”. It raised so many unanswered questions that the official case concerning Elvis’ death was reopened.

1984 – The first episode of “Punky Brewster” aired on NBC.

1993 – The pilot episode of “Lois and Clark” aired.

1993 – The 10th season of “Murder, She Wrote” began.

1994 – The first episode of “Party of Five” aired on FOX.

1995 – The first episode of “The Jeff Foxworthy Show” aired.

1998 – A concert by Shania Twain was televised live on DirecTV. It was the first time direct broadcast had been used for a country star.

1998 – Vince Gill made his 100th appearance on the Grand Ole Opry.

Today in
American Bandstand History

1957 – Nick Noble performed “Moonlight Swim” on “American Bandstand.”

1957 – The Tune Weavers performed “Happy Happy Birthday to You” on “American Bandstand.”

1960 – Larry Verne performed “Mr. Custer” on “American Bandstand.”

1962 – Freddy Cannon performed “What’s Gonna Happen When Summer’s Done” on “American Bandstand.”

1964 – Brenda Holloway performed “I’ll Always Love You” on “American Bandstand.”