Today in TV History 1/1/23

Sunday, January 1, 2023

Today in Television History

1906 – Louis W. Parker was born. He was the inventor of the intercarrier sound system for television sets, the modern basis for coordinating sound and picture.

1955 – Loretta Young was featured on the cover of “TV Guide.” She made a total of 11 appearances on the cover of the magazine.

1964 – The BBC broadcasts the first “Top of the Pops” TV rock show.

1966 – The final episode of “The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet” (with Rick Nelson) was filmed.

1971 – Tobacco ads representing $20 million dollars in advertising were banned from TV and radio broadcast.

1977 – The 200th episode of “Soul Train” aired.

1985 – VH-1 premiered as an adult contemporary music video channel with Marvin Gaye’s “Star Spangled Banner” video.

Today in
Dick Clark’s American Bandstand History

1966 – Mel Carter performed “Love Is All We Need” and “My Heart Sings” on American Bandstand.

1983 – Adam Ant performed “Desperate But Not Serious” and “Goody Two Shoes” on American Bandstand.

1983 – A video of Billy Joel performing “Allentown” was aired on American Bandstand.

Today in
Saturday Night Live History

1943 – Don Novello was born.

Saturday Night Live Quote

We’re going to be around forever.
– Elliot Gould, to the cast of Saturday Night Live



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