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NOVA “ENDING HIV IN AMERICA” Premieres Wednesday, October 5 at 9pm ET/8C

Almost 40 years after the discovery of HIV, could we be on the verge of ending the AIDS epidemic in America? As of 2019, in the US, there were only 34,000 new cases of the disease––a feat that once seemed near-impossible to achieve. How did scientists and the public health community tackle one of the most elusive deadly viruses to ever infect humans? Can innovative drugs bring new infections to zero? This is the story of an incredible scientific achievement and the public health work that still needs to be done to end HIV in America.

NOVA “COMPUTERS v. CRIME” Premieres Wednesday, October 12, 2022 at 9pm ET/8C on PBS

In police departments and courts across the country, artificial intelligence is being used to help decide who is policed, who gets bail, how offenders should be sentenced, and who gets parole. But is it actually making our law enforcement and court systems fairer and more just? This timely investigation digs into the hidden biases, privacy risks, and design flaws of this controversial technology.

RISING AGAINST ASIAN HATE: ONE DAY IN MARCH Premieres Monday, October 17 at 9pm ET on PBS (check local listings)

Explore the fight against Asian American hate following the March 2021 mass shootings at three spas in Atlanta. Examine how this critical moment of racial reckoning sheds light on the struggles, triumphs and achievements of AAPI communities. Narrated by Emmy nominated actress Sandra Oh with music byAcademy and Grammy Award-winning musician Jon Batiste and Grammy nominated musician Cory Wong,Rising Against Asian Hate pays tribute to the lives lost, examines the rise of anti-Asian racism and documents a growing movement to fight back and stop the hate.

NOVA “CAN PSYCHEDELICS CURE?” Premieres Wednesday, October 19, 2022 at 9pm ET/8C on PBS

Hallucinogenic drugs—popularly called psychedelics—have been used by human societies for thousands of years. Today, scientists are taking a second look at many of these mind-altering substances—both natural and synthetic—and discovering that they can have profoundly positive clinical impacts, helping patients struggling with a range of afflictions from addiction to depression and PTSD.

NOVA “OCEAN INVADERS” Premieres Wednesday, October 26, 2022 at 9pm ET/8C on PBS

Lionfish—long prized in home aquariums—have invaded the Atlantic, and are now one of the ocean’s most successful invasive species, wreaking havoc in waters across the globe. Join ocean explorer Danni Washington on a journey to find out how they took over, why they’re doing so much damage, and what can be done about it. These fascinating creatures are a window into the impacts of invasive species in a globalized world where human activity is an increasingly powerful evolutionary force.

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