TNT October Programming Highlights

TNT October Programming Highlights
TNT to Premiere Fourth Edition of “AEW: Battle of the Belts,” and “Million Dollar Wheels.”

Friday, October 7

“AEW: Battle of the Belts” on TNT – 10pm ET/PT

AEW presents its fourth edition of “Battle of the Belts” during a special “AEW: Rampage.”

Monday, October 24th

“Million Dollar Wheels” Season Premiere on TNT – 10pm ET/PT

What do Jeff Bezos, multiple celebrities, and the most baller orthodontist in Beverly Hills have in common? They’re all DM’ing RD Whittington of @wiresonly – connector between the ultra-rich and the insane toys they spend their millions on. Welcome to a behind the scenes look into the life of the world’s most successful celebrity car dealer…and all those trying to steal his throne. The story of American Dreams come to life is on full display in “Million Dollar Wheels.”

TNT, a Warner Bros. Discovery brand, is watched by more people than any other cable network and known for big, lean-forward television that gives viewers the best seat in the house for electrifying stories, dynamic characters and thrilling events. TNT is home to some of television’s most popular original series including “Snowpiercer,” “Animal Kingdom,” and big-ticket movies. TNT is expanding its programming to include premium unscripted with the docuseries “Rich & Shameless,” “Rhodes to the Top,” and “Shaq Life.” TNT also presents primetime specials and sports coverage, including Inside the NBA, the NHL, NBA and NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championships and the professional wrestling league All Elite Wrestling (AEW), which has exploded onto the scene with “AEW: Rampage” and the AEW specials “Battle of the Belts”. Website:

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