Upcoming New TV Shows September 5, 2022

Upcoming new TV series (mostly fiction)


“Once Upon a Small Town” Netflix September 5 NEW!
“Recipe for Love and Murder” Acorn TV September 5 NEW!
“Bee and Puppycat” Netflix September 6 NEW!
“Grid” HULU September 7 NEW!
“Tell Me Lies” HULU September 7 NEW!
“Indian Predator: The Diary of a Serial Killer” Netflix September 7 NEW!
“Wedding Season” Hulu September 8 NEW!
“Entrapped” Netflix September 8 NEW!
“The Imperfects” Netflix September 8 NEW!
“Last Light” Peacock September 8
“Narco-Saints” Netflix September 9 NEW!
“The Tiny Chef Show” Nick September 9 NEW!
“Monarch” FOX September 11
“Serpent Queen” Starz September 11 NEW!
“American Gigolo” Showtime September 11 NEW!
“The Come-Up” Freeform (reality but better than most) September 13 NEW!
“El Rey, Vicente Fernandez” Netflix September 14 NEW!
“The Lørenskog Disappearance” Netflix September 14 NEW!
“Heartbreak High” Netflix September 14 NEW!
“Vampire Academy” Peacock September 15
“The Light in the Hall” Sundance Now September 15 NEW!
“Sago Mini Friends” Apple TV+ September 16 NEW!
“Santo” Netflix September 16 NEW!
“The Brave Ones” Netflix September 16 NEW!
“Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance!” Netflix September 16 NEW!
“Quantum Leap” NBC September 19
“Reboot” Hulu September 20 NEW!
“Firebuds” Disney+ September 21 NEW!
“Andor” Disney+ September 21 NEW! (moved to a new date)
“Only for Love” Netflix September 21 NEW!
“Snabba Cash” Netflix September 22 NEW!
“The Cage” Netflix September 23 NEW!
“The Girls at the Back” Netflix September 23 NEW!
“Celebrity Jeopardy!” ABC (game show) September 25 NEW!
“My Little Pony: Make Your Mark: September 26
“Reasonable Doubt” HULU September 27
“The Rookies: The Feds” ABC September 27
“Zatima” BET+ September 29 NEW!
“The Empress” Netflix September 29 NEW!
“So Help Me Todd” CBS September 29
“Entergalactic” Netflix September 30
“Jungle” Amazon Prime September 30 NEW!


“Saving Me” BYU TV October 1 NEW!
“East New York” CBS October 2
“Housing Complex C” Adult Swim October 2 NEW!
“Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire” AMC/AMC+ October 2 NEW!
“Family Law” The CW October 2 NEW!
“Reginald the Vampire” Syfy October 5 NEW!
“Friends of the Family” Peacock October 6
“Walker Independence” The CW October 6 NEW!
“Alaska Daily” ABC October 6
“The Midnight Club” Netflix October 7
“Fire Country” CBS October 7
“Let the Right One In” Showtime October 9 NEW!
“The Winchesters” The CW October 11 NEW!
“The Professionals” The CW October 11 NEW!
“High School” Freevee October 14 NEW!
“Shantaram” Apple TV+ October 14 NEW!
“Everything Calls for Salvation” Netflix October 14 NEW!
“Magpie Murders” PBS October 16 NEW!
“Annika” PBS October 16 NEW!
“From Scratch” Netflix October 21 NEW!
“Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiousities” Netflix October 25 NEW!
“Romantic Killer” Netflix October 27 NEW!


“Blockbuster” Netflix November 3 NEW!
“The Suspect” Netflix November 3 NEW!
“Kold X Windy” WE November 3 NEW!
“Slumberkins” Apple TV+ November 4 NEW!
“Lopez Vs. Lopez” NBC November 4
“Mood” AMC+/BBCA November 6 NEW!
“Dangerous Liaisons” Starz November 6 NEW!
“The Missing” Peacock November 10
“Circuit Breakers” Apple TV+ November 11 NEW!
“The English” Amazon Prime November 11 NEW!
“Tulsa King” Paramount+ November 13
“Interrupting Chicken” Apple TV+ November 18 NEW!
“Welcome to Chippendales” Hulu November 22 NEW!
“Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin” Peacock November 23
“First Love” Netflix November 24
“Willow” Disney+ November 30
“Irreverent” Peacock November 30


“Wicked City” ALLBLK December 1 NEW!
“Hush” ALLBLK December 1 NEW!
“The Best Man: The Final Chapters” Peacock December 22
“Snap” ALLBLK December 22 NEW!

More info at http://thefutoncritic.com/guide.aspx?id=newshows and http://www.metacritic.com/feature/tv-premiere-dates


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