Upcoming TV Series

New Upcoming TV series (mostly fiction)

“Finding Happy” BounceTV September 24 NEW!
“Celebrity Jeopardy!” ABC (game show) September 25
“My Little Pony: Make Your Mark September 26
“Panhandle” Spectrum September 26 NEW!
“Murder in the Valleys” Sundance Now September 29
“Reasonable Doubt” HULU September 27
“The Rookies: The Feds” ABC September 27
“Zatima” BET+ September 29
“The Empress” Netflix September 29
“So Help Me Todd” CBS September 29
“Entergalactic” Netflix September 30
“Jungle” Amazon Prime September 30
“Phantom Pups” Netflix September 30 NEW!
“Queer for Fear” (documentary miniseries) Shudder September 30 NEW!


“Saving Me” BYU TV October 1
“East New York” CBS October 2
“Housing Complex C” Adult Swim October 2
“Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire” AMC/AMC+ October 2
“Family Law” The CW October 2
“Sherwood” Britbox October 4 NEW!
“Reginald the Vampire” Syfy October 5
“Abominable and the Invisible City” Peacock October 5 NEW!
“The Fight for Justice: Paolo Guerrero” Netflix October 5 NEW!
“High Water” Netflix October 5 NEW!
“A Friend of the Family” Peacock October 6
“Walker Independence” The CW October 6
“Alaska Daily” ABC October 6
“Glitch” Netflix October 7 NEW!
“The Midnight Club” Netflix October 7
“Man on Pause” Netflix October 7 NEW!
“Oddballs” Netflix October 7 NEW!
“Fire Country” CBS October 7
“Let the Right One In” Showtime October 9
“Spirit Rangers” Netflix October 10 NEW!
“The Cage” Netflix October 11 NEW!
“The Winchesters” The CW October 11
“The Professionals” The CW October 11
“Belascoarán, PI” Netflix October 12 NEW!
“The Nutty Boy” Netflix October 12 NEW!
“High School” Freevee October 14
“Shantaram” Apple TV+ October 14
“Holy Family” Netflix October 14 NEW!
“Everything Calls for Salvation” Netflix October 14
“Black Butterfles” Netflix October 14 NEW!
“Under the Queen’s Umbrella” Netflix October 15 NEW!
“Magpie Murders” PBS October 16
“Annika” PBS October 16
“Waffles + Mochi’s Restaurant” Netflix October 17 NEW!
“The Green Glove Gang” Netflix October 19 NEW!
“The Devil’s Watch” Netflix October 19 NEW!
“Notre-Dame” Netflix October 19 NEW!
“From Scratch” Netflix October 21
“The Peripheral” Amazon October 21 NEW!
“Oni: Thunder God’s Tale” Netflix October 21 NEW!
“Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiousities” Netflix October 25
“Cruzando los Límites” Peacock October 26 NEW!
“Tales of the Jedi” (shorts) Disney+ October 26 NEW!
“Romantic Killer” Netflix October 27
“Daniel Spellbound” Netflix October 27 NEW!
“The Devil’s Hour” Amazon October 28 NEW!
“The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself” Netflix October 28 NEW!
“If Only” Netflix October 28 NEW!


“Blockbuster” Netflix November 3
“The Suspect” Netflix November 3
“Kold X Windy” WE November 3
“Slumberkins” Apple TV+ November 4
“Lopez Vs. Lopez” NBC November 4
“Mood” AMC+/BBCA November 6
“Dangerous Liaisons” Starz November 6
“Zootopia” (short form) Disney+ November 9
“The Missing” Peacock November 10
“Circuit Breakers” Apple TV+ November 11
“The English” Amazon Prime November 11
“Transformers: Earthspark” Paramount+ November 11 NEW!
“Tulsa King” Paramount+ November 13
“Teletubbies” Netflix November 14 NEW!
“The Santa Clauses” Disney+ November 16 NEW!
“Leopard Skin” Peacock November 17 NEW!
“Interrupting Chicken” Apple TV+ November 18
“Pounding Instincts” Peacock November 21 NEW!
“The Life We Share” Peacock November 21 NEW!
“Welcome to Chippendales” Hulu November 22
“Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin” Peacock November 23
“Wednesday” Netflix November 23 NEW!
“Criminal Minds: Evolution” Paramount+ November 24 NEW!
“First Love” Netflix November 24
“Willow” Disney+ November 30
“Irreverent” Peacock November 30


“Wicked City” ALLBLK December 1
“Hush” ALLBLK December 1
“National Treasure: Edge of History” Disney+ December 14 NEW!
“The Best Man: The Final Chapters” Peacock December 22
“Snap” ALLBLK December 22


“Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur” Disney+ February 10, 2023 NEW!


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Shocking Season Two Trailer Now Available

New York, NY – September 23, 2022 – In a foreboding and high-octane trailer, AMC+ has announced the return of its lauded original series Gangs of London, which will debut its much anticipated second season on Thursday, November 17 with two episodes. The critically-acclaimed, award-winning drama became an international sensation in its first season, with its shocking yet artfully-choreographed action scenes and stunt work. Following the premiere, one episode of the eight-part season will debut Thursdays on AMC+, AMC Networks’ premium streaming bundle.

In the second season, a new, darker era of chaos and turbulent power struggles comes to London. One year after the death of Sean Wallace and the violent reckonings of season one, the map and soul of the city has been redrawn – the surviving Wallaces are scattered, the Dumanis broken and estranged, and ex-undercover cop Elliot Finch (Ṣọpẹ́ Dìrísù, Humans, Mr. Malcolm’s List) is now being forced to work for the Investors. As the Investors look down on a city sliding into chaos, they decide enough is enough and bring in reinforcements to restore control. Old favorites and new players fight back against the new order, forcing sworn enemies to work together and family members to betray each other.

Returning cast includes: Dìrísù, Paapa Essiedu (I May Destroy You), Lucian Msamati (His Dark Materials), Michelle Fairley (Game of Thrones), Orli Shuka (Save Me), Pippa Bennett-Warner (Harlots), Brian Vernel (Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens), Narges Rashidi (Under the Shadow), Asif Raza Mir (Daaman) and Valene Kane (The Fall). Joining the ensemble cast for season 2 include Waleed Zuaiter (Baghdad Central), Jahz Armando, Fady El-Sayed (Baghdad Central), Salem Kali (Un Prophète) and Aymen Hamdouchi (SAS: Red Notice).

Gangs of London is created by Gareth Evans and his creative partner Matt Flannery. Gangs of Londonis a Pulse Films production in association with SISTER for Sky Studios and AMC. Executive Producers are Thomas Benski, Jane Featherstone, Tom Butterworth, Corin Hardy, Helen Gregory, Gareth Evans, and Matt Flannery. Series Executive Producer is Hugh Warren. Season 2 is directed by Corin Hardy, Marcela Said and Nima Nourizadeh. The series is written by Tom Butterworth, Lauren Sequeira, Danusia Samal, Rowan Athale, Meg Salter and co-written by Steve Searle.

About AMC+

AMC+ is the company’s new premium streaming bundle featuring an extensive lineup of popular and critically acclaimed original programming from AMC, BBC America, IFC, and SundanceTV and full access to targeted streaming services Shudder, Sundance Now and IFC Films Unlimited, which feature content such as A Discovery of Witches, Creepshow, and Boyhood. The service features a continually refreshed library of commercial-free content, including iconic series from the AMC Networks portfolio including Mad Men, Halt & Catch Fire, Hell on Wheels, Turn: Washington’s Spies, Rectify, Portlandia, and series from The Walking Dead Universe, among many others. The service also offers a growing slate of original and exclusive series including Gangs of London, Kin, The North Water, That Dirty Black Bag, This is Going to Hurt, Moonhaven and the first two series in a new Anne Rice universe, Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire and Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches. With new movies released every Friday, AMC+ is the newest destination for exclusive film premieres direct from theaters all year long. AMC+ recently launched in Canada, Australia, India, and Spain and is available in the U.S. through AMCPlus.com, the AMC+ app, and a number of digital and cable partners.

TNT October Programming Highlights

TNT October Programming Highlights
TNT to Premiere Fourth Edition of “AEW: Battle of the Belts,” and “Million Dollar Wheels.”

Friday, October 7

“AEW: Battle of the Belts” on TNT – 10pm ET/PT

AEW presents its fourth edition of “Battle of the Belts” during a special “AEW: Rampage.”

Monday, October 24th

“Million Dollar Wheels” Season Premiere on TNT – 10pm ET/PT

What do Jeff Bezos, multiple celebrities, and the most baller orthodontist in Beverly Hills have in common? They’re all DM’ing RD Whittington of @wiresonly – connector between the ultra-rich and the insane toys they spend their millions on. Welcome to a behind the scenes look into the life of the world’s most successful celebrity car dealer…and all those trying to steal his throne. The story of American Dreams come to life is on full display in “Million Dollar Wheels.”

TNT, a Warner Bros. Discovery brand, is watched by more people than any other cable network and known for big, lean-forward television that gives viewers the best seat in the house for electrifying stories, dynamic characters and thrilling events. TNT is home to some of television’s most popular original series including “Snowpiercer,” “Animal Kingdom,” and big-ticket movies. TNT is expanding its programming to include premium unscripted with the docuseries “Rich & Shameless,” “Rhodes to the Top,” and “Shaq Life.” TNT also presents primetime specials and sports coverage, including Inside the NBA, the NHL, NBA and NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championships and the professional wrestling league All Elite Wrestling (AEW), which has exploded onto the scene with “AEW: Rampage” and the AEW specials “Battle of the Belts”. Website: www.tntdrama.com

Discovery Channel and Science Channel will air the feed for NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test

Discovery Channel and Science Channel will air the feed for NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) in a live special, ASTEROID IMPACT LIVE: DART MISSION, airing on both networks Monday, September 26 from 6-7:30PM ET/PT. The special and its simulcast coverage will be of the NASA feed of DART as the mission undergoes its final leg of its journey to make a first attempt to alter the course of an asteroid by intentionally crashing a spacecraft into it. The spacecraft has a camera with a feed back to Earth that will provide live, stunning visuals to the Discovery and Science audiences during the mission’s approach to the two asteroids.

NASA’s DART Mission, built and managed for NASA by the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, is humanity’s first attempt to change the motion of an asteroid in space by intentionally crashing a spacecraft into it. DART’s target asteroid is not a threat to Earth. However, it is the perfect testing ground to see if this method of asteroid deflection – known as the kinetic impactor technique – would be a viable way to protect our planet if an asteroid on a collision course with Earth were discovered in the future.

Audiences can join the conversation on social media by using #AsteroidImpactLIVE and following @Discovery and @ScienceChannel on TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Second Installment Of HBO Original THE WHITE LOTUS From Mike White Debuts October 30

Second Installment Of HBO Original THE WHITE LOTUS From Mike White Debuts October 30

HBO’s Emmy®-winning series, THE WHITE LOTUS, from Mike White, returns for a second installment of seven episodes debuting on SUNDAY, OCTOBER 30 (9:00-10:00pm ET/PT) on HBO and will be available to stream on HBO Max.

The first installment, set in Hawaii, received 20 Emmy® nominations across 13 categories and 10 wins, the most wins of any program this year, including Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series.

Season 2 Logline: The social satire is set at an exclusive Sicilian resort and follows the exploits of various guests and employees over the span of a week.

Season 2 cast: F. Murray Abraham, Jennifer Coolidge, Adam DiMarco, Beatrice Grannò, Meghann Fahy, Jon Gries, Tom Hollander, Sabrina Impacciatore, Michael Imperioli, Theo James, Aubrey Plaza, Haley Lu Richardson, Will Sharpe, Simona Tabasco, and Leo Woodall.

Season 2 credits: Created, written and directed by Mike White; executive produced by White, David Bernad and Mark Kamine.

All-New Episode Of REAL SPORTS WITH BRYANT GUMBEL Debuts September 27

All-New Episode Of REAL SPORTS WITH BRYANT GUMBEL Debuts September 27

HBO’s REAL SPORTS WITH BRYANT GUMBEL returns for an all-new episode on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 (10:00-11:00 p.m. ET/PT). The series is available on HBO and to stream on HBO Max.

For updates on REAL SPORTS, follow the conversion on @RealSportsHBO, HBO.com/realsports or Facebook.com/RealSportsHBO.

September segments include:
WADA: “Real Sports” investigates allegations that the World Anti-Doping Agency, or WADA, is failing to adequately police international sport for the use of performance-enhancing drugs. Insiders claim that WADA’s mission is being compromised by conflicts of interest and outside meddling. Correspondent Jon Frankel reports. Producer: Max Gershberg.

DARREN WALLER: Battling drug addiction at the start of his NFL career, Darren Waller was suspended from the league and almost died from a drug overdose. After a fresh start with the Raiders, Waller miraculously turned his career around, becoming one of the league’s top tight ends. Now, he’s also putting in the work off the field, partnering with his drug sponsor to help save other addicts, by pulling them from the underground tunnels beneath the Las Vegas strip. Correspondent David Scott reports. Producer: Evan Burgos.

FRANCES TIAFOE (Update): “Real Sports” first profiled then-rising US tennis star Frances Tiafoe in 2017. The revealing segment showed how unlikely and remarkable his backstory was in a sport that typically has a high barrier to entry. Now, after beating all-time great Rafael Nadal on his way to becoming the first American in 16 years to make it to the semifinals at the US Open, Tiafoe is one of the most talked-about stars on the court today. Correspondent Mary Carillo reports. Producers: Beret Remak, Hannah Vicente-Kliot.
The executive producer of REAL SPORTS WITH BRYANT GUMBEL is Joe Perskie.



Please note:
 Timing has been updated for MYSTERIES DECODED,
“Phoenix Lights,” airing Monday, October 3 (8:00:00 –
9:00:30pm ET)
 Timing has been updated for the one-hour special,
Monday, October 3 (9:00:30 – 10:00:00pm ET)

“Phoenix Lights” — (8:00:00-9:00:30 p.m. ET) (TV-PG) (HDTV)
PHOENIX’S FIRE IN THE SKY — U.S. Navy veteran turned private investigator Jennifer
Marshall and UFO journalist Ryan Sprague investigate one of the most mysterious UFO events
in U.S. history (#202). Original airdate 8/24/2022.

ONE HOUR SPECIAL — (9:00:30-10:00:00 p.m. ET)
— This one-hour special follows paranormal investigator Sara Gray, psychic medium Steffany
Strange, and paranormal researcher Brittney Crabb as they join to investigate the haunting of the
historical Leonis Adobe residence in California, quickly discovering there might be larger
supernatural forces at play. Original airdate 10/3/2022.

Date Announcement – Netflix’s “Wednesday” Premieres November 23

Date Announcement – Netflix’s “Wednesday” Premieres November 23
From the imagination of Tim Burton, “Wednesday” is a sleuthing, supernaturally infused mystery charting Wednesday Addams’ years as a student at Nevermore Academy.
[via press release from Netflix]

Wednesday premieres globally November 23, only on Netflix.

Jenna Ortega on this version of Wednesday Addams:

“Wednesday is currently a teenager, and we’ve never seen her as a teenager before. Her snarky, snide remarks might not necessarily sound as charming when they’re coming from somebody who should probably know better than a 10-year-old girl. That was a balancing act. We didn’t want to make her sound like every other teenage girl, but we also didn’t want to make her too ignorant. And we’ve never seen her on screen this much. Any other time you’ve seen Wednesday, she’s been the one-liner, the end of a joke, she always hits it, and I think that’s what people really love about her. But in this show, every scene is Wednesday. There’s an opportunity to give her a bit more dimension, and she becomes a bit more of a real person, which I don’t think we’ve ever seen before.”

From the imagination of Tim Burton, WEDNESDAY is a sleuthing, supernaturally infused mystery charting Wednesday Addams’ years as a student at Nevermore Academy, where she attempts to master her emerging psychic ability, thwart a monstrous killing spree that has terrorized the local town, and solve the murder mystery that embroiled her parents 25 years ago – all while navigating her new and very tangled relationships at Nevermore. Snap snap.

For more exclusive WEDNESDAY news, tune into Tudum: A Netflix Global Fan Event on Saturday, September 24. The virtual livestream event begins at 10am PST / 1pm EST and the event will be broadcast across Netflix’s YouTube channels worldwide, in addition to Twitter, Twitch and Facebook.

Tune into Tudum: A Netflix Global Fan Event


Showrunners / Executive Producers / Writers: Alfred Gough & Miles Millar Director / Executive Producer: Tim Burton Executive Producers: Steve Stark, Andrew Mittman (1.21 Entertainment), Kevin Miserocchi (Tee and Charles Addams Foundation), Kayla Alpert, Jonathan Glickman (Glickmania), Gail Berman, Tommy Harper, Kevin Lafferty

Cast: Jenna Ortega (Wednesday Addams), Gwendoline Christie (Principal Larissa Weems), Jamie McShane (Sheriff Galpin), Percy Hynes White (Xavier Thorpe), Hunter Doohan (Tyler Galpin), Emma Myers (Enid Sinclair), Joy Sunday (Bianca Barclay), Naomi J Ogawa (Yoko Tanaka), Moosa Mostafa (Eugene Ottinger), Georgie Farmer (Ajax Petropolus), Riki Lindhome (Dr. Valerie Kinbott) with Christina Ricci (Marilyn Thornhill)

Guest Stars: Catherine Zeta-Jones (Morticia Addams) and Luis Guzmán (Gomez Addams), Isaac Ordonez (Pugsley Addams), Iman Marson (Lucas Walker), Lucius Hoyos (Young Gomez)

Additional Cast: Victor Teodor Dorobantu (Thing), Calum Ross (Rowan Laslow), Luyanda Unati Lewis-Nyawo (Deputy Rita Santiago)

For more on Wednesday, visit the Netflix Media Center and the official social pages: Twitter: www.twitter.com/WednesdayAddams Instagram: www.instagram.com/WednesdayNetflix


Video: “Everything Calls for Salvation” – Official Trailer – Netflix

Video: “Everything Calls for Salvation” – Official Trailer – Netflix
A troubled young man wakes up involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital. What he learns in that week inside will change his life forever.
[via press release from Netflix]
Everything Calls for Salvation | Official Trailer | Netflix

A story that challenges our notion of normality and celebrates the salvific power of friendship, love and vulnerability. Everything Calls for Salvation, a series loosely based on the acclaimed novel of the same name by Daniele Mencarelli, and directed and written by Francesco Bruni arrives on October 14, only on Netflix.