Epic Natural History Series “Africa’s Wild Year” Comes to BBC America and AMC+

Epic Natural History Series “Africa’s Wild Year” Comes to BBC America and AMC+ on Saturday, August 6
Each of the four episodes – “Spring,” “Summer,” “Autumn” and “Winter” – focuses on one of the seasons, revealing the vastly different conditions they bring.
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NEW YORK – July 27, 2022 – BBC AMERICA today announced that the cinematic and stunning natural history series Africa’s Wild Year premieres on Saturday, August 6 at 8pm ET/7pm C on BBC AMERICA and AMC+.

The series is set over the course of a single year in Africa. Each of the four episodes – “Spring,” “Summer,” “Autumn” and “Winter” – focuses on one of the seasons, revealing the vastly different conditions they bring. As temperatures change, rains sweep across the continent and light and heat fluctuate, every animal adapts accordingly.

Spring brings a burst of new life and replenishes the continent. This is the season of learning, as Africa’s youngsters master the arts of swimming, hunting, and flying, in time to face the challenges of independence. Summer is a season of severity that separates the weak from the strong. For some, it’s a time to feast but for others, summer pushes their survival instincts to the limit. Giants visit, ocean wanderers emerge, and predator and prey are forced closer together. Autumn is a time to prepare. Falling temperatures and sporadic rains herald a drastically changing world, as each animal is locked in a state of flux, bracing for the difficulties ahead while trying to make the most of new opportunities. And, finally, Winter: a season as unforgiving as it is unpredictable. This time of the year is both feast and famine. Drought hits large areas of the savannah, turning it into a battleground. All caught in the cold embrace must battle both the elements, and the other animals, if they are to make it to the end of the year.

Filmed in stunning detail, Africa’s Wild Year is a 12-month epic spanning breath-taking vistas, powerful oceans, and awe-inspiring mountains. The life stories of this cast of creatures captivate while introducing some of Africa’s many hidden wonders. Each animal’s adventure is weaved together into a grand portrait of life in some of the wildest places on planet earth.

As a part of BBC AMERICA’s Wonderstruck programming slate, Africa’s Wild Year is produced by Merx International for Love Nature, and it’s distributed by Blue Ant International. It’s written, directed and executive produced by Sherene Kingma (The Great Elephant Tale). Puleng Stewart (Umva) serves as narrator.


Episode One – “Spring” – Premieres Saturday, August 6 at 8pm ET/7pm C on BBCA and AMC+

Spring in Africa is like nowhere else on earth. Days become longer, light and warmth return and new life transforms the continent on land and in the cold waters along the rugged coasts. This is the season of learning, as Africa’s youngsters master the arts of swimming, hunting, and flying, in time to face the challenges of independence. Flowers and insects rekindle an ancient relationship, and young animals learn the difference between friend and foe. Each year the arrival of spring replenishes the continent, and the chance to flourish during Africa’s Wild Year.

Episode Two – “Summer” – Premieres Saturday, August 13 at 8pm ET/7pm C on BBCA and AMC+

Summer in Africa is a season of extremes, it separates the weak from the strong. For many it’s a time to feast. Offshore, fuelled by sunlight, life flourishes. This is the season when giants visit and ocean wanderers emerge. But for others, summer will test their survival instincts and skills to the limit as they search for food and water. Summer brings new challenges and new opportunities for the creatures living through Africa’s Wild Year.

Episode Three – “Autumn” – Premieres Saturday, August 20 at 8pm ET/7pm C on BBCA and AMC+

Autumn in Africa brings new opportunities. For some, rain offers relief and a chance to escape summer’s heat. On the ocean floor, falling temperatures signal a time to feast, while along the coast, giants hunt. As the days grow shorter, predators cash in – deep in the undergrowth, tiny warriors emerge, and on the savannah the competition to breed heats up. Autumn is a season of mammoth migrations and miniature love affairs. As this short window of opportunity closes, the dry season sweeps across large swathes of Southern Africa. The new season will challenge those living through Africa’s Wild Year.

Episode Four – “Winter” – Premieres Saturday, August 27 at 8pm ET/7pm C on BBCA and AMC+

Winter in Southern Africa brings drought, ice and storms. This is the season of death and resurrection as the animals that live here must compete with the weather, the land and each other. The short days mean hardship for some, and a time of plenty for others. Predators take advantage of favorable conditions, while the vulnerable must weather the storm. From these pressures, come stories of companionship and ingenuity, and new life emerges from winter’s grip. Across the savannah, rains finally end the dry season and trigger a burst of life. As Spring breaks Winter’s grasp, the extraordinary cycle of Africa’s Wild Year begins again.



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