VIDEO: Clips from Last Night’s Episode of TBS’s Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

VIDEO: Clips from Last Night’s Episode of TBS’s Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Episode 7212 Description:
Full Frontal investigates Mark Meadows’ 2,319 text messages that absolutely prove a widespread Republican effort to overthrow the 2020 election. We also make the case for universal school lunches, check out the hits and misses in your spring wardrobe, and reveal a new delicious set design!

Sam Gets a “New” Podium
It’s actually been like this for 7 seasons. Thankfully it keeps well. Directed by Allana Harkin.

Mark Meadows’ 2,319 Texts Are Absolutely Bonkers
Almost everything we’re finding out from Trump’s Chief of Staff’s text messages slash attempt to overthrow the election is, and we want to use exact language here, fucking wild as shit.

The Case For Universal Free Lunch
Turns out, feeding kids at school raises test scores and lowers behavior problems. It’s also, conveniently, the right thing to do. This is a digital exclusive.

Full Frontal’s Spring ‘22 Fashion Report: Reusable Tote Bags
We know single-use plastic bags are terrible for the environment but get ready for correspondent Allana Harkin to smash your opinion of reusable cotton totes. Comment below if you want a #NoNewTotes tote bag.

Turns Out, It Was Cake
For 7 seasons, Sam was unaware her podium was made from organic flour, butter, and sugar. Until tonight.

The Latest On Full Frontal’s Podcast, Full Release
For the Season Two finale, Samantha Bee sits down with actor Pamela Adlon to talk about ending her show Better Things, why Mother’s Day is the worst day of the year, 80s afterschool specials and making enough lasagna to feed the fire department.

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