discovery+ and ID Highlights – Weeks of April 25 and May 2

discovery+ and ID Highlights – Weeks of April 25 and May 2
Said offerings include the return of “See No Evil” on Wednesday, May 4.
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Weeks of April 25 and May 2 2022

**All Air Dates Subject to Change

discovery+ is the global streaming service which brings together all of Discovery’s brands and non-fiction content in one place to offer fans unlimited access to the largest collection of real-life entertainment in the world. Featuring a wide range of exclusive series across popular genres, discovery+ offers passion verticals for genre fans, from Animals to Paranormal, Food and Home. In the True Crime category alone, discovery+ contains an unprecedented 5,500 hours of the best mystery and suspense, boasting the largest library of true crime of any streaming service.



New Episodes Stream on discovery+ And Premiere Sundays at 9/8c on ID

EVIL LIVES HERE: SHADOWS OF DEATH reveals how the impact of a crime changes people, and what follows that life-changing event. Anchored by intimate POV interviews, this original series explores how a crime forever alters the lives of those involved.

· No Promise for Tomorrow Premieres Sunday, May 1 at 9/8c

In Birmingham, Alabama, a landlord approaches his rental home to inspect a broken window when he suddenly hears a crying baby. What he discovers inside will haunt two families for the rest of their lives.

· The Only Witness Premieres Sunday, May 8 at 9/8c

After a savage beating that nearly kills a young mother, Omaha investigators learn that she’s not the only victim. They launch a relentless search for the killer and quickly realize their most crucial clue might die with their victim.


New Episodes Stream on discovery+ and Premiere Sundays at 10/9c on ID

ON THE CASE WITH PAULA ZAHN takes viewers on a thrilling journey inside the most fascinating crime and mystery investigations. First person accounts, along with insight from experts, are featured as each case reaches its dramatic conclusion.

· Eyes in the Darkness Premieres Sunday, May 1 at 10/9c

The baffling murder of a beautiful young woman leads police to zero in on two potential suspects: her new boyfriend and an obsessed stalker.

· Shadowy Figures Premieres Sunday, May 8 at 10/9c

The search for a man who murdered a single mother might lead police to the perpretrator of a second brutal crime with chilling similarities.


New Episodes Stream on discovery+ And Premiere Wednesdays at 9/8c on ID

SEE NO EVIL reveals how the deadliest crimes are solved by the only witnesses that never lie — and where murderers have no place to hide: surveillance cameras.

· The Tragedy On Tennessee 14 Premieres Wednesday, May 4 at 9/8c

When someone murders a Tennessee State Trooper in the middle of the highway, investigators turn to his dashcam for answers. A manhunt quickly gets underway, but it takes even more surveillance video to pick up a killer’s trail and crack the case.

The programs below previously aired on discovery+ and will premiere on Investigation Discovery as follows:


2-Hour Special Premieres Monday, April 25 at 9/8c on ID

In Cleveland, Ohio, Gina DeJesus and Amanda Berry vanish months apart and mere blocks from each other. While their families rally together, they have no way of knowing that the girls – plus a third victim – suffer inside a house of horrors with no escape.


The programs below will premiere on Investigation Discovery as follows:


New Episodes Premiere Mondays at 9/8c on ID

MURDER IN THE HEARTLAND tells the complex and dramatic story of a murder in an entirely new way. Instead of a detective-led traditional whodunit story, each episode is told through the collective point-of-view of a Middle American town and its residents. Every story documents a town and people in the heart of the country, and the provocative crime that tore through it. What unravels over the course of the episode is that these townspeople are not only our storytellers, but they also hold the clues to the puzzle that has forever changed their lives and how they understand their home.

· Whispered Warnings Premieres Monday, May 2 at 9/8c

The community of Kankakee, Illinois, comes together to aid police in uncovering the vile killer in the shooting death of an up-and-coming model, Sarah Washington.


New Episodes Premiere Tuesdays at 9/8c on ID

Raw, intense, and action-packed, BODY CAM uses body cam footage to show the dangerous, fast-moving situations officers face and the life-or-death decisions they must make in the blink of an eye.

· Firing Line Premieres Tuesday, April 26 at 9/8c

In Florida, a suspect’s car going 45 miles per hour, drags a Pembroke Pines PD officer behind it. In Georgia, a domestic dispute turns into a shootout, leaving one officer fighting for his life. In Michigan, a routine traffic stop turns into a car chase.

· The End Of The Road Premieres Tuesday, May 3 at 9/8c

In Wisconsin, Rhinelander PD attempts to foil a murder for hire by going undecover and meeting the suspect as a hitman. In Colorado, law enforcement from two counties tries to stop a runaway semi-truck before it devastates the little town of Brush.


New Episodes Premiere Tuesdays at 10/9c on ID

With more than two decades of experience in the judicial system, no one knows the delicate dance between arrest and conviction better than former Brooklyn homicide prosecutor Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi. In TRUE CONVICTION, she travels across the country to reveal how the nation’s top prosecutors tackled their toughest cases. Reviewing the crime with the detectives who were on the scene and connecting with those who were left behind, Nicolazzi reveals how homicides are solved on the street but won in the courtroom.

· The No Body Homicide Premieres Tuesday, April 26 at 10/9c

The mysterious disappearance of Bruce Blackwood becomes a dominant missing persons case until a veteran investigator and a young prosecutor team up on a mission to deliver justice. It’s a tall order until a late night bombshell breaks the case wide open.

· *FINALE* Episode 408 Premieres Tuesday, May 3 at 10/9c

A young couple on an evening stroll with their young son is struck down in a hail of gunfire. Under the looming specter of a racially motivated hate crime, investigators race to find the gunmen and uncover a twister trail of lies and betrayal.


New Episodes Premiere Wednesdays at 10/9c on ID

At a time when more and more people are coming face to face with problems attributed to an increasing crime rate, one service, more than any other, is feeling the strain… our emergency services. With funding on the decline, it’s still the police we turn to for help and they are answering the call even if it means putting their lives on the line.

· Family Feud Premieres Wednesday, April 27 at 10/9c

Description Forthcoming

· Cut to the Chase Premieres Wednesday, May 4 at 10/9c

Description Forthcoming


New Episodes Premiere Thursdays at 10/9c on ID

The key to solving the toughest homicides lies somewhere in the final hours of a victim’s life. In A TIME TO KILL, determined investigators must piece together events during this critical window to reconstruct the timeline, unlock the motive, and ultimately close in on the killer.

· The Mystery Passenger Premieres Thursday, April 28 at 10/9c

A loving couple vanishes from their Chehalis, Washington, home just days before Christmas. Police discover them shot to death on an old logging road, shocking the community. With few solid leads, the case remains, the case remains cold until a new cop takes a second look.

· A Brutal, Vicious, and Evil Murder Premieres Thursday, May 5 at 10/9c

Missy Atkin lies dead across her bed, hands tied behind her back. The crime scene is so disturbing officers fight back the tears as they collect evidence. The single mom has no known enemies, but at least one person harbors enough hate for her to kill.

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