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COMING ON 1/25/2022:
* Gomorrah: The Series – 3rd Season (Kino Lorber)
$39.95 SRP DVD; $49.95 SRP Blu-ray

EXTRAS: trailers; alternate English audio for all 12 episodes
—–Gomorrah: Third Season continues the worldwide gangster show phenomenon based on Roberto Saviano’s best-selling book, and the subsequent award-winning film of the same name. At the start of Season 3 there is a void to be filled in the underworld of Naples. The warring factions are exhausted by violence, massive police pressure, and drastic financial losses, and are ready to make peace. But as Genny (Salvatore Esposito) takes over North Naples and Rome, Ciro (Marco D’Amore) has been cast out to Bulgaria, licking his wounds. Upon his return he forms a powerful partnership with the upstart Enzo (Arturo Muselli)…and together they begin to take what they feel they are entitled to: ambitions which extend beyond Naples and the borders of Italy. 4-disc set in either format.
NOTE: the included links to pre-order this title from Amazon show a release date of Friday, January 28th. The studio’s direct information, however, confirms an official street date of Tuesday, January 25th for this title (in either disc format). Hopefully Amazon will correct their information in the near future!
COMING ON 2/1/2022:
* Power, Book III: Raising Kanan – The Complete 1st Season (Lionsgate)
$34.98 SRP DVD

—–Set in Southside Jamaica, Queens, in 1991, “Raising Kanan” is a prequel to the original “Power” franchise. It is a sprawling family drama that revolves around the coming of age of Kanan Stark — Ghost and Tommy’s mentor, partner, and adversary. When we catch up with Kanan here, he is the fifteen-year-old only child of Raquel “Raq” Thomas, a cocaine distributor with an emerging network of dealers across the city. Much like the original “Power,” “Raising Kanan” explores themes of identity, violence, and legacy, but it is also a deep dive into the very pathology of family — the unique, complicated, and fraught dynamic between parent and child, mother and father, brother and sister — that offers both a refuge from the divisiveness and discord of an increasingly fractious world…and opportunities for the ones who are closest to us to betray us and our values. 3-disc set.
COMING ON 2/22/2022:
* Gomorrah: The Series – 4th Season (Kino Lorber)
$39.95 SRP DVD; $49.95 SRP Blu-ray

EXTRAS: trailers; alternate English audio tracks
—–Gomorrah: Fourth Season continues the worldwide gangster show phenomenon that is based on Roberto Saviano’s best-selling book, and the subsequent award-winning film of the same name. Genny (Salvatore Esposito), having lived through it all, needs to change his own life to save the family. As he turns into a businessman, he has to hand his kingdom over to Patrizia (Cristiana Dell’Anna) and entrust his own life to a mob crew with ties to Donna Imma. 4-disc set in either format.

* Family Business – Series 2 (RLJ/Acorn)
$49.99 SRP DVD

—–In this “whippy meringue of a French drama” (Radio Times), mother and daughter Astrid (Catherine Marchal, 36th Precinct) and Audrey (Ophélia Kolb, Call My Agent!) are family law attorneys at the same firm. Along with their partner, Sofia (Charlotte des Georges, The Accident), they argue custody battles, divorce proceedings, neglect cases, and even murder charges. Their personal lives can be as challenging as their legal cases. Audrey contends with the fallout on her marriage from her flirtation with a handsome prosecutor, while also struggling professionally after the birth of her third child. Astrid is horrified when her affair with criminal lawyer Rotivel is made public, and their relationship gets all the more complicated when the two must work together for the first time. And as Sofia fights with her ex over custody of their daughter, she finds herself growing closer and closer to a new lawyer at the firm. 3-disc set.
COMING ON 3/1/2022:
* The Batman – The Complete Series (Warner)
$69.99 SRP Blu-ray

EXTRAS: Digital Copy (USA only), The Dark Dynasty Continues (New Featurette) – Explore the relationship between The Batman and his allies as he evolves from mysterious vigilante to the World’s Greatest Detective, Joining Forces: The Batman’s Legendary Team-Ups (Featurette) – How the series’ producers adapted the DC “Team-Up-Tales” approach from the comic books to the screen, The Batman Junior Detective Challenge (Quiz) – Alfred tests your detective skills with The Batman: The Complete Series challenge, The Batman Junior Detective Exam: Level 2 (Quiz) – Pass The Batman test of knowledge with the level 2 exam, Building Batman (Featurette) – Detective Ellen Yin investigates The Batman’s true identity, Gotham PD Case Files (Featurette) – Highly confidential profiles of The Batman’s most dastardly foes, New Look…New Direction…New Knight (Featurette) – Go behind the scenes to explore the development of The Batman television series, The Batman: Season 3 Unmasked (Featurette) – Supervising Producer Duane Capizzi talks about the animated series, The Batman: Season 4 Unmasked (Featurette) – A behind the scenes look into the making of Season 4
—–The early years of the Caped Crusader get a closer examination as Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (WBHE) brings the fully-remastered The Batman: The Complete Series to Blu-ray for the very first time. Produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC, the six-time Emmy Award-winning series premiered on September 11, 2004 on Kids’ WB before eventually shifting to Cartoon Network for subsequent seasons. The Batman: The Complete Series follows 20-something-year-old Bruce Wayne’s early adventures as he balances his daytime persona as a bachelor billionaire with his nighttime guise as a caped crimefighter. Along the way, Batman is joined by allies Robin and Batgirl as they combat Gotham City’s Rogues’ Gallery, including updated versions of his familiar foes as well as a bevy of rarely seen villains like Killer Moth and The Everywhere Man. Join one of the most complex and intriguing characters in comic book history for action-packed super heroic adventures that test the limits of this legendary character’s extraordinary physical prowess and super-sleuthing skills. Rino Romano (Spider-Man Unlimited, Curious George) heads the cast as the voice of Bruce Wayne/Batman. Romano is joined by Evan Sabara (The Polar Express) as Dick Grayson/Robin, Danielle Judovits (Naruto: Shippûden) as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Kevin Michael Richardson (The Simpsons, American Dad!) as the Joker, Ming-Na Wen (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Book of Boba Fett) as Detective Ellen Yin, Tom Kenny (SpongeBob SquarePants) as The Penguin, Clancy Brown (The Shawshank Redemption, Dexter: New Blood) as Mr. Freeze, Alastair Duncan (Batman: The Long Halloween) as Alfred, Gina Gershon (Face/Off, Showgirls) as Catwoman, Jason Marsden (Transformers: Rescue Bots, Young Justice) as Firefly, Steve Harris (The Practice) as Detective Ethan Bennett/Clayface, Mitch Pileggi (The X-Files) as Commissioner James Gordon, and Adam West (Batman) as Mayor Grange. Stars of cinema and primetime television populate the voice cast, which featured Louis Gossett Jr. (Lucius Fox), Mark Hamill (Tony Zucco), Chris Pratt (Jake), Dana Delany (Lois Lane), Ron Perlman (Killer Croc), George Newbern (Superman), Brooke Shields (Julie), Robert Englund (The Riddler), Brandon Routh (Everywhere Man), Peter MacNicol (Dr. Kirk Langstrom), Frank Gorshin (Hugo Strange), Diedrich Bader (Captain Slash), Patrick Warburton (Cash Tankinson), Jerry O’Connell (Nightwing), Dorian Harewood (Martian Manhunter), Billie Hayes (Georgia), Wallace Langham (Basil Karlo), Gwendoline Yeo (Mercy Graves), Edward James Olmos (Chief Angel Rojas), Christopher Gorham (William Mallery), Xander Berkeley (Paul), James Remar (Black Mask), John Larroquette (Mirror Master), Patton Oswalt (Cosmo Krank), Fred Willard (Instructor), Robert Patrick (Hawkman), Dermot Mulroney (Green Lantern), Keone Young (Hideo Katsu), Ian Abercrombie (Ewan), Dave Foley (Francis Grey), Miguel Ferrer (Sinestro), Henry Gibson (Bagley), Edie McClurg (Mrs. Brown), David Faustino (David), Kevin Grevioux (Solomon Grundy) and Glenn Shadix (Artie Brown). In addition, the series featured a who’s who of popular actors destined for the voice actor hall of fame, including Phil LaMarr, Hynden Walch, Kevin Conroy, Jeff Bennett, Daran Norris, Lex Lang, Dan Castellaneta, Grey Griffin, Charlie Schlatter, Will Friedle, Townsend Coleman, Kath Soucie, Peter Jessop, Rob Paulsen, Maurice LaMarche, Jim Meskimen, Jim Cummings, Jennifer Hale, John DiMaggio, Cathy Cavadini, Bumper Robinson, Dee Bradley Baker, Carlos Alazraqui and Patrick Seitz. 6-disc set.
NOTE: this “Complete Series” title (for Blu-ray Disc only; it has not been announced for DVD) was originally scheduled for release on February 1st. Warner has announced a delay to the title, rescheduling it for a new street date of March 1st.
COMING ON 3/8/2022:
* Supergirl – The 6th & Final Season (Warner)
$29.98 SRP DVD; $39.99 SRP Blu-ray

EXTRAS: Digital Copy (Blu-ray version only)
—–Supergirl returns for her sixth and final season! Proving that friendship is every bit as important as truth and justice, Kara Danvers balances her work as a reporter for CatCo Worldwide Media with her role as Supergirl, keeping National City and the Earth safe from sinister threats. As she struggles to navigate her day job and friends, her heart soars as she takes to the skies as Supergirl. 4-disc set on Blu-ray Disc format; 5-disc set on DVD format.

* Supergirl – The Complete Series (Warner)
$119.99 SRP DVD; $134.99 SRP Blu-ray

—–Supergirl: The Complete Series is an epic action-adventure about Superman’s cousin who, after years of keeping her powers a secret, decides to embrace them and become the hero she was always meant to be. Though Kara must find a way to balance her newfound powers with her very human relationships, her heart soars as she takes to the skies to fight crime. 29-disc set on DVD format; disc count not specified for Blu-ray Disc format set.

* All Creatures Great and Small – Season 2 (PBS)
$49.99 SRP DVD; $59.99 SRP Blu-ray

—–A trip back home to Glasgow presents James with a dilemma that will mean choosing between the people he loves. As Helen and James navigate their feelings for one another, Siegfried, Tristan, and Mrs. Hall are also forced to consider their places in the world, while James must decide between supporting his family or following his heart. 2-disc set in either format.
COMING ON 3/22/2022:
* The O. Henry Playhouse – The Complete Series, Vol. 2 (ClassicFlix)
$17.99 SRP DVD

—–Now available for the first time on DVD from ClassicFlix—a long lost television anthology series spotlighting the works of one of America’s most beloved short story authors! William Sydney Porter, better known by his pen name O. Henry, is celebrated the world over for his humorous writing style which is also noted for its surprise endings. His works include such classics as “The Duplicity of Hargraves” and “The Cop and the Anthem”; and he was also the creator of The Cisco Kid! Executive producers Jack J. Gross and Philip N. Krasne (Mayor of the Town) brought O. Henry’s prolific output to TV screens in 1957 with The O. Henry Playhouse. Academy Award-winning actor Thomas Mitchell (Stagecoach) portrays writer O. Henry himself in each episode as he describes his current story-in-progress to his publisher and others he interacts with. Directed by such Hollywood veterans as Bernard Girard and George Waggner, The O. Henry Playhouse – The Complete Series, Vol. 2 contains thirteen half-hour episodes that shine the spotlight on such timeless tales as “One Dollar’s Worth” and “Christmas by Injunction”; and also features a glittering array of movie and TV stars in Chuck Connors, Claude Akins, Tommy Kirk, Susan Morrow, Preston Foster, Leo Gordon, Morris Ankrum, Jeanne Bates, Whitney Blake, Stanley Clements, John Doucette, Ross Elliott, Jack Mulhall, Frank Jenks, Mary Field, Dave O’Brien, Simon Oakland, William Schallert, Les Tremayne, Minerva Urecal, Grant Withers and Richard Arlen. EPISODES (Presented in original broadcast order): A Trick of Nature; Sisters of the Golden Circle; Hygeia at the Solito; Only the Horse Would Know; The Atavism of Jon Tom Little Bear; Between Rounds; One Dollar’s Worth; The Fool Killer; Vanity and Some Sables; Christmas by Injunction; Georgia’s Ruling; The Roads We Take
* Teen Wolf – Series Collection (VEI)
$89.99 SRP Blu-ray

EXTRAS: details to be announced
—– A SUSPENSEFUL DRAMA WITH SOME BITE! Scott is a young high school sophomore who has always been on the outside looking in: no girlfriend, bad at sports, and socially awkward. But a single wolf bite changes everything. Now Scott has super-human abilities, which lead him to become the star of his lacrosse team. His athletic prowess also makes him popular and desirable, and he falls for the new girl in town, Allison, who’s equally smitten. Scott’s “new” personality and abilities also pose several problems, including being pulled into the middle of a war between werewolves and werewolf hunters…which are lead by the father of Allison. Now Scott must try to curb his animalistic desires and urges, while trying to maintain his relationship with Allison and his best friend Stiles. Not to mention his family, and society at large.
NOTE: our thanks to longtime reader John Cerone for sending us the heads-up about this item! A “Complete Series” set was released of this show in 2017 on DVD format, but this is the first time all six seasons are being released for North America in one set for Blu-ray Disc format. It’s also fun to note that Tyler Hoechlin played “Derek Hale” in Teen Wolf, and is now the star of Superman & Lois on The CW network…where he’ll be joined this January in Season 2 with former Teen Wolf castmate Ian Bohen, who played the recurring character of “Peter Hale” on their old MTV network show!

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