Today in TV History 9/14

Today is Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Today in
Television History

1962 – The third season of “The Flintstones” began. The first show of the season was the first to be broadcast in color. All previous episodes (the first two seasons) had been filmed in color but had been broadcast in black and white.

1965 – “My Mother The Car” premiered on NBC TV. The series was canceled after only a few weeks after the debut.

1967 – The first episode of “Ironside” aired.

1968 – “The Archies” premiered on CBS. The cartoon was based on the comic book series.

1971 – John Lennon and Yoko Ono appeared on “The Dick Cavett Show” on ABC to promote Lennon’s new LP and film (“Imagine”), Yoko’s book, two films and a fine arts show.

1972 – The series “The Waltons” began airing.

1973 – The fifth, and final, season of “The Brady Bunch” began.

1977 – The pilot episode of the television show “The Amazing Spiderman,” starring Nicholas Hammond, aired on CBS.

1978 – The first episode of “Mork and Mindy” aired on ABC.

1984 – The MTV Awards are held for the first time. Bette Midler and Dan Ackroyd co-hosted the show.

1985 – The first episode of “The Golden Girls” aired on NBC.

Today in
American Bandstand History

1963 – Dion performed “Donna the Prima Donna” on “American Bandstand.”

1963 – Major Lance performed “Monkey Time” on “American Bandstand.”

1968 – O.C. Smith performed “Little Green Apples” on “American Bandstand.”

1974 – The Impressions performed “Sooner or Later” on “American Bandstand.”

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