New discovery+ True Crime Special Puts the Pagan Snitch at the Center in “Doctor’s Orders”

New discovery+ True Crime Special Puts the Pagan Snitch at the Center in “Doctor’s Orders”
All three episodes will be available to stream on discovery+ beginning Friday, September 3.
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(New York, NY) — In the outlaw world of the Pagan’s motorcycle gang, a club tattoo is meant to be a symbol of undying loyalty. But now, Andrew Glick’s tattoo symbolizes a bitter betrayal and failed dreams, and serves as a constant reminder of how he snitched on his “brother” for his own freedom. Over the buzz of a tattoo artist concealing Andrew’s “Pagan’s Motorcycle Club” branding, Andrew explains every dark detail that led to the 2012 murder of local New Jersey radio host April Kauffman. Doctor’s Orders crashes into the wild world of motorcycle gangs – one that created an underground Oxycontin ring which spiraled into a murder-for-hire plot, all orchestrated by a wealthy husband who believed he was too powerful to get caught. Created by 110th Street Films, with evocative animation by Israeli animator Yoni Goodman (Waltz with Bashir) and the Canadian animation house Look Mom! Productions, informant Andrew Glick takes viewers through the fatally twisted tale of greed, murder, and betrayal, set against the backdrop of America’s opioid epidemic. All three episodes of Doctor’s Orders will be available to stream on discovery+ beginning Friday, September 3.

April Kauffman and her husband Dr. James Kauffman, were revered as a power couple in an affluent Atlantic City, NJ suburb. She was a beloved local radio host, and he was a respected endocrinologist. When April was found shot dead in her home, her daughter, Kimberly Pack, suspected her stepfather, Dr. Kauffman. But for five years no one questioned him.

Then in 2017 when Andrew “Chef” Glick is busted with enough drugs and illegal guns to put him away for 40 years, he makes the gut-wrenching decision to rat on his Pagan brother who masterminded the murder for Dr. Kauffman. In a series of risky meetings, Andrew wears hidden cameras and audio recorders as they talk about April’s murder, the drug operation, and a plot to silence Dr. Kauffman by killing him in jail. The entire sordid story is revealed, for the first time ever, through Andrew’s commentary and the real-time audio and video recordings in Doctor’s Orders.

Doctor’s Orders is produced, written and directed by Billy Shebar and David C. Roberts of 110th Street Films. Joe Berlinger joins them as an executive producer. For discovery+, Thomas Cutler is executive producer.

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