discovery+ True Crime Highlights – Weeks of May 10 and May 17

discovery+ True Crime Highlights – Weeks of May 10 and May 17
New offerings include the special “Broken Harts” on Tuesday, May 18.
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discovery+ and ID HIGHLIGHTS

Weeks of May 10 and May 17

All dates are subject to change

discovery+, the newly launched global streaming service, brings together all of Discovery’s brands and non-fiction content in one place to offer fans unlimited access to the largest collection of real-life entertainment in the world. Featuring a wide range of exclusive series across popular genres, discovery+ offers passion verticals for genre fans, from Animals to Paranormal, Food and Home. In the True Crime category alone, discovery+ contains an unprecedented 5,500 hours of the best mystery and suspense, boasting the largest library of true crime of any streaming service.



Special Begins Streaming Tuesday, May 18

What happens when the “perfect” family turns out to be anything but? This riveting documentary explores the tragic lives and deaths of the Hart family, two women who adopted six children and seemingly led a life of travel, activism and community service. But after countless warning signs that the children could be in danger, their manufactured idyllic facade began to crumble, and lead to a tragic end no one saw coming. Find out what really happened to the Hart family in this two hour special, BROKEN HARTS.


New Episodes Available to Stream on Tuesdays

THE FOG OF MURDER drops the viewer into the surreal, disorienting heart of a murder case. The investigation unfolds through a combination of heart-stopping first-person accounts, chilling recreations, actual videos, recordings, and photographs straight from the police files. As each piece of the murder puzzle falls into place, the fog of uncertainty lifts and the case is solved.

· Mattress Store Murder Begins Streaming on Tuesday, May 11 A brazen stabbing in a suburban mattress store in broad daylight produces pools of suspects but no witnesses and few clues, leaving a family adrift and rattling the community’s sense of security. Police must confront unthinkable: that a popular, doting mother whom everybody loved had secrets in her past that led to murder.


New Episodes Available to Stream on Sundays

Evil casts a shadow. That shadow spreads outward for years, even decades, after a crime. It consumes everyone in its path, pulling them into darkness. EVIL LIVES HERE: SHADOWS OF DEATH explores the endless reach of evil – a reach that extends long after the crime itself. This original series highlights the struggle to survive as innocent people find themselves caught in the wake of death and evil.

· The Monster Begins Streaming on Sunday, May 16 JT Armstead has feared his mom, Lovetta Armstead’s husband Gary Green ever since she first brought him home. There is never any love with him – only the need to dominate Lovetta and her three children. JT watches and endures the violence against them for a year as it escalates, until one day, Gary Green commits unspeakable acts from which no one will recover.

· Do No Harm Begins Streaming on Sunday, May 23 For two years, in Dallas, Texas, surgical patients fall victim to Christopher Duntsch, a monster with a scalpel and a medical degree. Dallas Assistant District Attorney Michelle Shughart isn’t sure what to think when she is first approached with the case. Is this medical malpractice? Or an evil man with a scalpel? As she dives into the case, she is shocked to learn the volume of Duntsch’s patients with bad outcomes. She quickly realizes this is much more than a doctor having a bad day.



New Episodes Stream on discovery+ on Mondays and Premiere on ID on Mondays at 10/9c

Ripped from the pages of one of the nation’s top weekly magazines, PEOPLE MAGAZINE INVESTIGATES goes beyond the headlines to uncover the heart-wrenching stories of lives and families ripped apart. The series takes viewers to the epicenter of America’s most compelling crimes, as PEOPLE’s renowned journalists divulge the shocking twists and surprising facts they learned while doggedly investigating each case.

· The Price of Fame Begins Streaming on Monday, May 10, Premiere on ID at 10/9c In the spring of 2001, former child actor and Baretta star Robert Blake just married Bonny Lee Bakely, the mother of his new baby girl. The couple are out to dinner in Los Angeles when Bakely is murdered in the passenger seat of the couple’s car, execution style. Blake seems devastated, but as police investigate, they uncover a tale of a troubled marriage of convenience and a fight for custody that may have led to one of Hollywood’s most infamous murders.

· A Crimson End Begins Streaming on Monday, May 17, Premiere on ID at 10/9c When a woman is found dead in her historic house on Horseshoe Lake, police chase her killer to the water where he drowns. But when the body is recovered, people are shocked to realize this story started 25 years earlier when two other family members were found murdered by the same man.


New Episodes Stream on discovery+ on Sundays and Premiere on ID Sundays at 10/9c

ON THE CASE WITH PAULA ZAHN takes viewers on an exciting journey inside the most fascinating crime and mystery investigations. First person accounts, along with insight from experts are featured as each case reaches its dramatic conclusion.

· Evidence Lost, Justice Found Begins Streaming on Sunday, May 16, and will Premiere on ID May 23 at 10/9c A young woman riding her bicycle is forced off the road and murdered. Police chase her killer for decades until an overlooked clue ultimately leads to justice.


The programs below will premiere on Investigation Discovery as follows:


New Episodes Premiere Mondays at 9/8c

We’re increasingly living our lives online, unaware of the risks that can lie ahead. Looking for friendships, love, sex or business opportunities has led many into a twilight world of seduction, danger, and false identity. What unites these shocking tales of true crime is their unpredictability. You never know where the WEB OF LIES will lead.

· Lonesome Cowboy Premieres Monday, May 10 at 9/8c

· The Model Predator Premieres Monday, May 17 at 9/8c


New Episodes Premiere Tuesdays at 9/8c

With more than two decades of experience in the judicial system, no one knows the delicate dance between arrest and conviction better than former Brooklyn homicide prosecutor Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi. In TRUE CONVICTION, she travels across the country to reveal how the nation’s top prosecutors tackled their toughest cases. Reviewing the crime with the detectives who were on the scene and connecting with those who were left behind, Nicolazzi reveals how homicides are solved on the street but won in the courtroom.

· Heinous, Atrocious and Cruel Premieres Tuesday, May 11 at 9/8c

· Dead Wrong Premieres Tuesday, May 18 at 9/8c


New Episodes Premiere Tuesdays at 10/9c

In MURDER IN THE HEARTLAND, it takes a village of vigilant neighbors, family members, shopkeepers and local police to piece together the stories of tragedy and justice committed within a community’s core walls. MURDER IN THE HEARTLAND relies on the collective viewpoints of everyday American townsfolk to share critical clues in the homicides that forever changed their lives and how they understand their home.

· Caught in the Act Premieres Tuesday, May 11 at 10/9c

· Unbrotherly Behavior Premieres Tuesday, May 18 at 10/9c


New Episodes Premiere Wednesdays at 9/8c

Homicide investigations unfold through dramatic real footage in this groundbreaking series. Each episode of THE MURDER TAPES provides an up-close perspective of the case, incorporating body cam footage from the initial crime scene, surveillance video, and interrogation room recordings.

· I’d Kill Them Again Premieres Wednesday, May 12 at 9/8c

· Footprints in the Snow Premieres Wednesday, May 19 at 9/8c


New Episodes Premiere Wednesdays at 10/9c

SEE NO EVIL reveals how the deadliest crimes are solved by the only witnesses that never lie and never forget: surveillance cameras. With more shocking CCTV footage than ever before, SEE NO EVIL proves there’s nowhere killers can hide.

· Gold Pontiac Premieres Wednesday, May 12 at 10/9c

· Back to Reality Premieres Wednesday, May 19 at 10/9c


New Episodes Premiere Thursdays at 9/8c

The key to solving the toughest homicides lies somewhere in the final hours of a victim’s life. In A TIME TO KILL, determined investigators must piece together events during this critical window to reconstruct the timeline, unlock the motive, and ultimately close in on the killer.

· Who Killed Anna? Premieres Thursday, May 13 at 9/8c

· Undoing Behavior Premieres Thursday, May 20 at 9/8c


New Episodes Premiere Thursdays at 10/9c

Do you really know who lives next door? FEAR THY NEIGHBOR tells the chilling tales of those with the misfortune to unwittingly take up residence within a stone’s throw of a psycho – or even a killer.

· Old Friends, Bad Neighbors Premieres Thursday, May 13 at 10/9c

· What’s Mine is Mine Premieres Thursday, May 20 at 10/9c


New Episodes Premiere Sundays at 9/8c

EVIL LIVES HERE explores the true, heart-stopping stories of people who shared a home and a life with a loved one who would become a killer. With exclusive interviews and never-before-told accounts of the years and critical moments leading up to these vicious acts, the series showcases the devastating and often undiscussed consequences on the people who have nurtured, loved and raised a murderer.

· To Infinity and Back Premieres Sunday, May 16 at 9/8c

· What If He Was Innocent? Premieres Sunday, May 23 at 9/8c

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