FilmRise Introduces Viewers to Ground-breaking DNA Profiling Technology

FilmRise Introduces Viewers to Ground-breaking DNA Profiling Technology In True-Crime Documentary Series

Hosted by Nancy Grace

Bloodline Detectives

TV Series Uniquely Explores

Familial DNA Search and Testing Used to Uncover Elusive Criminals Including

The Golden State Killer and The Grim Sleeper

Premieres Saturday, October 3 on Stations Nationwide

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Brooklyn, NY – September 16, 2020 – Bloodline Detectives, a new true-crime documentary series, hosted by preeminent legal analyst and renowned former prosecutor Nancy Grace, takes viewers behind the scenes of cold cases as detectives solve years-old murder investigations using two kinds of technology: genetic genealogy and familial searching. Detectives can harness these techniques to pinpoint an unknown criminal’s relatives and then trace their “bloodline” or family tree to reveal the killer, as used in high-profile cases such as The Golden State Killer and The Grim Sleeper. Produced by New York-based film and television studio FilmRise and award-winning LA-based production company Peninsula Television, in partnership with Sky Studios, Season 1 of Bloodline Detectives premieres Saturday, October 3 and runs weekly through Saturday, November 28 (9 episodes) on stations nationwide (check local listings for stations and air times). A schedule of the episodes can be found here. Season 2 (11 episodes) is slated to air in early 2021.

Nancy Grace opens each episode by detailing a highly publicized and violent crime with unknown motives. She then passes the story to the Bloodline Detectives and forensic scientists specially trained in DNA profiling to reveal the identities of notoriously elusive criminals. One of the techniques, genetic genealogy, was the ground-breaking method featured in the recent HBO docu-series I’ll Be Gone In The Dark. Grace closes each episode by leading viewers through the case’s resolution and impact on the criminal justice system.

Integrating key witness testimony with new forensic and psychological expert interviews, plus reconstruction and archival footage, Bloodline Detectives is a study in modern and futuristic crime-solving techniques. The program demonstrates how traditional investigative methods can now be significantly enhanced by the scientific power of forensic science and how DNA profiling technology is changing the world.

Season One Episode Titles and Descriptions:

Episode 1

Deadly Desire

30-year old Jodine Serrin was murdered in her own bed. Explore Southern California police’s extensive efforts to solve the mystery, and how advances in genetic genealogy finally cracked the case.

Episode 2

Murder in The Snow

Examine the random and brutal killing of Wisconsin’s Traci Hammerberg, including how the perpetrator evaded detection for decades and how the Bloodline Detectives eventually uncovered his identity.

Episode 3

Scottsdale Spree Shooting

Follow the fast-paced police and forensics investigation of an Arizona killing spree that claimed six innocent victims and the familial search technology that solved another case for the Bloodline Detectives.

Episode 4

Ice Cold Murder

Track the tragic and violent death of Pennsylvania teacher Christy Mirack, the dedicated investigation into her murder, and how DNA and the Bloodline Detectives traced her killer and brought him to justice – 27 years later.

Episode 5

March Massacre

Unearth the California murder of Barbara Becker, found by her two young sons, and how police commitment and genetic genealogy eventually led the Bloodline Detectives to resolve the murder case.

Episode 6

Unrighteous Act

Investigate the violent seaside town murder of California resident Karen Klaas and how, after 41 years, cutting-edge Familial DNA search methods led the Bloodline Detectives to solve her murder.

Episode 7

Motorway Killer

Discover the backstory of Familial DNA searching with the investigation behind a random and cruel killing of a London truck driver, one of the first convictions for the Bloodline Detectives.

Episode 8

Blood Bath

Pursue the murder of Melanie Road in Bath, England along with the Bloodline Detectives as they track down her savage killer with the help of Familial DNA search.

Episode 9

Road Trip To Hell

Study the mysterious events leading to the murder of a Vancouver couple who were on a road trip, as well as the determination motivating local law enforcement and the Bloodline Detectives to find their sadistic killer.

The Participants (in alphabetical order)

Dr. Angela Gallop, CBE, Former Scientist, Forensic Science Service (UK)

Dr. Angela Gallop was awarded the honour of Commander of the British Empire by the Queen for her work in the area of forensic science and for helping to solve some of Britain’s most high profile homicide cases.

Brian Burritt, Criminalist, San Diego Police Department

Brian Burritt is the CODIS Manager and Criminalist for the San Diego Police Dept. He created a DNA Typing database called Omnipop and has been intrinsically involved with the solving of the departments violent crimes since 1999.

Dr. Colin Dark, Former Major Crime Specialist, Forensic Science Service (UK)

Dr. Colin Dark was a Major Crime Specialist Advisor for the UK’s Forensic Science Service for over 30 years and has been a Forensic Science Consultant since then. As one of the UK’s top forensic scientists, he has helped solve some of Britain’s most notorious cold cases with the use of DNA technology.

Dr. Colleen Fitzpatrick, Forensic Genealogist

Dr. Colleen Fitzpatrick is a leading expert in the field of Forensic Genealogy and even coined the term. She has used the method to help solve multiple homicide investigations and set-up a company called Identifinders International to help identify missing people. She is also the co-founder of the DNA Doe Project, which helps identify dead adults.

David Barclay, Former Head of Physical Evidence, National Crime Faculty (UK)

David Barclay was Head of Physical Evidence for the UK’s National Crime Faculty. He provided expertise and operational support in the most complex crimes of violence such as rape series, stranger murders and the murders of children or vulnerable adults. He has been requested to review cases in America, Canada, Holland, Germany, Portugal, South Africa and Australia.

Dr. Margaret Press, Co-Founder, DNA Doe Project

Dr. Margaret Press co-founded the DNA Doe Project to help her identify John and Jane Doe’s using forensic genealogy, giving families answers that they may have waited decades for. She has also played a crucial role in a number of cases that no one thought would every be solved.

Jim Stam, Former Criminalist, San Diego Police Department

Jim Stam was a former supervisor in the San Diego Police Department Crime Lab where he worked for 30 years.

The Producers

Charlotte Biennerhassett, Supervising Producer, Peninsula Television

Charlotte Biennerhassett is the Supervising Producer of the series. She has produced and directed numerous factual series and one-hour specials for both the US & UK markets with titles including Trace of Evil, Celebrity Obsessed and Return to Downton Abbey: A Grand Event.

Executive Producers Nancy Grace and John Terenzio

Famed television journalist, former prosecutor and preeminent legal analyst Nancy Grace has appeared on some of television’s top cable news and entertainment channels. Since 2019, Grace has been hosting Oxygen’s Injustice with Nancy Grace and is about to publish her new book “Don’t Be a Victim: Fighting Back Against America’s Crime Wave.” John Terenzio serves as Grace’s long-term production partner.

Peninsula Television

The Peninsula Television production team has been involved in the creation, development and production of numerous high-profile television series and one-off documentaries which have appeared on television networks worldwide.

Productions have focused on popular content with international appeal. From documentaries on subjects like The Brighton Bomb and 9-11, which resonate with audiences worldwide, to new takes on popular historical figures, like Bob Geldof on WB Yeats: A Fanatic Heart and The Kennedys’ Irish Mafia, and leading reality shows like Minute by Minute, these programs have aimed to provide broadcasters with high impact, high quality output.

The company provides a wide range of services, from pre-production right through to scriptwriting and post-production, and our team is involved in the development of co-productions with international broadcasters and producers.

Sky Studios

Sky Studios brings to screen unique stories from the very best talent in Europe.

We develop, produce and fund original drama, comedy and documentary for Sky’s 24m customers and beyond, with 52 scripted shows already in production. Building on the success of critically-acclaimed Sky originals including Emmy-nominated Chernobyl, Bafta-winning Patrick Melrose and international hits Babylon Berlin and Riviera, Sky Studios is the new creative home of Sky originals, such as The Third Day with Jude Law, ZeroZeroZero from the makers of Gomorrah and The New Pope directed by Academy Award-winning director Paolo Sorrentino.

Sky Studios invests in the cultural economy and global production sector with equity stakes in 10 production companies in the UK and the US, including Great British Bake-Off creator Love Productions, and the premiere reality crime producer in the US, Jupiter Entertainment, creator of long-running hit Snapped. Sky Studios has invested in high quality factual specialists Blast Films and True North Productions; entertainment and format expert Znak & Co (US & UK); natural history producer True to Nature; and growth businesses Sugar Films, Avanti Media, Chrysalis Vision, and Talos Films (US).

Sky Studios launched in June 2019. The senior leadership team is Chief Executive Officer Gary Davey, Chief Commercial Officer Jane Millichip, Chief Finance Officer Caroline Cooper, Director of Drama UK Cameron Roach, Director of Comedy UK Jon Mountague, Director Original Production Sky Italia Nils Hartmann, and Marcus Ammon.

Genesis International Television

Genesis International Television is a television production and distribution company that produces and/or distributes a variety of media properties on behalf of its worldwide partners. Current titles include Heartland, Murdoch Mysteries and Highway to Heaven. Genesis is based in Dublin and led by President and CEO Wayne Lepoff.


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